Free full day introduction to becoming a hypnotherapist

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8th June 2024, 10.00am - 3.30pm
Open to all
Holiday Inn, Olympus Avenue, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6RJ

This is a full-day, free event.

In person at the Holiday Inn Leamington Spa.

*Depending on the numbers, this can be done online or at my home address. I'm also happy to chat one to one via video or telephone at a convenient date and time.
If there is no event date listed, just call me to arrange an introduction or just a chat.

10:00 am until 15:30.

Imagine your desire to change.
Imagine creating that desire.
Imagine achieving your desire.
Imagine a life without limitations.
Imagine a life without strains.
Imagine a life where you are in charge of your time.
Imagine a life where you are in control.
Imagine a life where you decide when you work.
Imagine a life where you set your limits.
Imagine a life where you can change your lifestyle.
Imagine a new successful career.
Imagine a new you.
Imagine being liberated!

Allow me to share with you a little bit about how I entered into hypnotherapy. I am genuinely the accidental hypnotherapist as in the year 2000 after a long corporate career it was time to move on.

'What to do?' You may ask... I had no idea, I just knew it was time. Then in 2003 I read an article on hypnotherapy and remembered my wife had some of “that” in 1993 and what a change in her. We never discussed this but it was enough to awaken me to an alternative career. I researched and eventually found someone to teach me this.

My life changed as within six months of completing my training, I was a very busy therapist.

I loved it.

I had a renewed purpose, interest and a strong desire to help people.
After a few years of treating clients, I decided to move into training.
Accreditation awarded in December 2006 and my first course ran in April 2007. Soon my training centre was established.

Three words sum me up: passionate, caring, quality.

I am passionate about hypnotherapy and helping people develop.
I care about your future.
I care about your skill set.
I want you to succeed.
I want you to be the best you can be.

Quality is important to me from our venue to the materials you receive to the quality of the teaching and to the after-care provided.

That’s enough reading and it gives you a little bit more information on me.

Are you interested in changing your career?
Are you interested in learning new skills?
Are you interested in earning extra money and like helping people?
Work full-time or part-time.
Your own choice.

One client a day at e.g. £120.00 x 5 days = £600.00 = Annualised £31,200.00.

The above is only an example. Fees and time of working are your own choice.

If you like meeting and helping people and can read and write then you can learn this fantastic skill.

Make your reservation and come to my free introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
There is no hard sell, no sign-on-the-day offers, and no false promises. Just join in and enjoy a really beneficial experience.

  • Learn how to hypnotise and to cancel trance.
  • Use my 4-step method. You will learn this at my free introduction.
  • How to help change a behaviour.
  • How to replace one behaviour with a better choice.
  • Dismiss the myths that surround hypnosis.
  • And more on this free introduction experience.
  • You can practice on the day or not, your choice, no pressure.
  • Q & A session. Ask any questions.

This will give you a taste of what you will learn and what you can do to help yourself and others.

No obligation to continue. Try before you buy.

E & OE.

If you are unable to attend on the group date, contact me (John) to arrange a one-on-one introduction at a date and time to suit you. Tel: 07799 692356.

Come and meet me (John) and spend a day learning about becoming a Hypnotherapist and the benefits it can bring. Ask any questions.

You can experience hypnosis at the event.

Take control of your future.

Contact me (John) on 07799692356

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Hosted by John Dewar

Your host me JD has many years of experience both as a Hypnotherapist and as a Trainer. My training school was accredited in 2006 by the GHR and re-accredited in 2015 to comply with the CNHC. Our training and CPD courses are GHSc and ACCHP accredited. I am also a GHR Acknowledged supervisor. UK learning provider number 10048797 UKLP. NOS Compliant.