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With the ever-increasing media coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we know all too well the emotional, financial and physical impact this pandemic is having on both our members and our visitors. And so, we have gathered as much information and guidance as possible to help you navigate this time with minimal confusion, all the while looking after yourself.

As recent weeks have shown, the situation is ever-changing, and the sources cited throughout this page may be updated to reflect the latest information. If you are looking for specific advice, please check the links provided to make sure the details are as relevant and up to date as possible. We also encourage you to keep up to date with the latest from the NHS, Government and Public Health England.

Are you looking for professional support?

Whether you are in the midst of your hypnotherapy sessions, are interested in seeking hypnotherapy, or you are experiencing new levels of stress and concern as a result of what’s happening right now, know that help is available. We are increasingly encouraging the hypnotherapy professionals listed with us to specify their online and telephone offerings so that those looking for help can still find it. 

Please be assured that online hypnotherapy is highly successful. While It is different from a standard face-to-face session and may suit some people more than others, it remains a highly effective form of support and treatment.

Many of our hypnotherapists offer online and telephone support. Simply select the type of session you would prefer (online or telephone) and search through our available hypnotherapists until you find one you feel you resonate with. When you have found the therapist you think is right for you, contact them via email or telephone.

“Working online is not new and many therapists have worked successfully online for a long time. What matters is that the therapist takes time to give the client all the information they need, all the reassurance and support they need, both practically and emotionally,” writes Sarah Ariss in her latest article, Coronavirus and the role of online therapy.

We have also produced a number of resources to help you during this time of worry. It’s likely you are practising the recommended social distancing and working from home where possible. This is a new way of living for all of us and during this turbulent time, we hope to not only share the relevant information and guidance, but uplifting content to help you look after yourself. 

“Your hypnotherapist can help you to feel calm and relaxed so that you feel more able to cope with the current situation. They may also give you suggestions to improve your immune system and feel more capable and confident. 

“It's worth understanding that, although we can't change events, what we can do is to change our reaction to events and that is what can make the difference,” explains Vicky Tunaley in her article, Coronavirus and online therapy.

Are you a hypnotherapist?

If you are a hypnotherapy practitioner, you may be looking for advice on how to continue providing support to your clients in a safe way. With social distancing and self-isolation increasingly recommended by the government, we want to encourage our members to provide online hypnotherapy support where possible. 

Read: Your hypnotherapy practice and coronavirus

As well as general advice, this article provides information about preparing to work online with clients – from the training required, to the different online applications you can use to continue providing a service to your clients and the general public.

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There have been a number of statements published by different professional bodies regarding current practice and how you can continue to work safely during these uncertain times. 

“Communicate with all clients and inform them that their sessions could be liable to postponement or disruption on a temporary basis. Where possible, offer clients the option of continuing sessions by phone or video conferencing,” write the National Hypnotherapy Society. 

While the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) have stressed the importance of ensuring that you are practising and maintaining good hygiene practices if you are still meeting face-to-face with clients or members of the public. “Be sure you have the best information, environment and equipment to do your job. You should be ready to give clear and helpful advice to your patients, clients, and service users.”

Online hypnotherapy can provide a good alternative to face to face sessions during the pandemic. It can also help you to keep working with clients who may otherwise be unable to continue or start attending sessions with you.

Online hypnotherapy is currently unregulated, and there are no specific qualifications required to conduct sessions online instead of face to face. You should be mindful of your professional body’s code of ethics and any specific competency frameworks in place.

This is a new way of living and working for all of us. Support each other, look after yourself and stay informed. We are in a period of adjustment, but we will get through this.

If you are a Hypnotherapy Directory member and have any questions or concerns regarding your practice and/or your membership, our Membership Services Team are available to help.

Resources for professionals

Please note: Hypnotherapy Directory and Happiful are not affiliated with any of the organisations referenced in this article, and this article has not been sponsored by any third parties. We strongly recommend that you carry out your own research to make sure that you can make an informed choice that best suits your business. 

While we hope that this information is useful, we cannot be held responsible for any business decisions you make based on this article, or for the information published on third party sites.

All information correct as of 20/03/2020.

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