Hypnotherapy for sex addiction

The term ‘sex addiction’ is used to describe sexual behaviour that is seemingly out of control. Also known as ‘sexual compulsion’ and ‘sexual dependency’, when a person is a sex addict, it’s as though they have no choice but to engage in sexual behaviour to satisfy their needs, whatever the consequences.

Sexual addiction doesn’t only mean sex with a partner. This sexual activity may also include excessive use of pornography, online forums, masturbation and ‘sexting’.

Simply having a high sex drive doesn’t mean a person has an addiction. Nor does regular use of the above sexual activity. Regularly engaging in sexual behaviour is in fact considered healthy. It can become a problem when a person feels they can no longer control these actions.

If said sexual activity is putting you or others at risk, or it’s negatively affecting your own or another person’s well-being, further help may be needed.

Signs of a sex addiction

It’s important not to confuse a healthy sex life with a potential problem. While the following may not reflect everyone’s experience, these are common behaviours associated with sexual addiction.

Whatever you’re feeling, know that you’re not alone – there are people to talk to, who can help you overcome your addiction.

  • Seeking frequent sex.
  • Having multiple partners, even if you’re in a relationship.
  • Excessive use of pornography.
  • Turning to sex as a distraction/way of coping.
  • You have a desire to stop but are unable to.
  • Feeling low, ashamed and/or guilty after sex.
  • Taking time to plan sexual encounters.
  • Missing social occasions/skipping work to engage in sexual activities.

Hypnotherapy for sex addiction

If you’re worried about your habits, coping on your own can be incredibly hard. It’s not easy, but confiding in a friend, or speaking to a professional can be a great help.

Recognising that you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it. You may know what triggers your addiction – certain feelings or experiences can often drive a person towards a particular activity, such as loneliness or anxiety. Recognising your feelings and managing them is important in your recovery, and may mean speaking to a counsellor or hypnotherapist.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy to help you overcome your addiction, it’s important you totally accept that you have a problem.

With hypnotherapy, the client must want to make a change for the process to be effective. Recognising the problem and wanting to change can help you to be more open to suggestion during sessions. Hypnotherapy for sex addiction focuses on the addiction itself, and any possible triggers. It aims to access your unconscious and change the thought patterns and behaviours associated with your addiction.

Hypnotherapy helps you change the way you think and react to certain behaviours, through the power of suggestion. For example, if your addiction is believed to be a result of a past experience, hypnosis can alter your thoughts associated with the trauma, and guide you out of the addiction.

Start your journey by finding a hypnotherapist you resonate with.

Whether online or in person, by speaking to a professional, you can get the support you need without fear of judgement. A hypnotherapist will be there to answer your questions and guide you along the way. They may also provide you with self-hypnosis techniques to practise long after sessions are over.

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Written by Ellen Lees
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Written by Ellen Lees
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All therapists are verified professionals