Six-month goal review

Habits can be both difficult to start and break – they require a huge amount of motivation and willpower to accomplish either. Whether you wanted to quit smoking, lose weight, face a fear or build your confidence, it can be hard to keep going throughout the year.

Six month goal review

In the initial honeymoon period of setting a New Year resolution, you have all the willpower in the world. If you want to lose weight, you will most likely be in the gym three to four times a week, or preparing healthy meals day-in day-out. But three to four months in, it can be a totally different story. With other things cropping up and taking priority in your personal and/or professional life, maintaining the same amount of willpower that you have in the beginning will become very tough.

Kat, a member of the Hypnotherapy Directory Communications Team, ran into a problem with her New Year’s resolution:

“I had a New Year’s resolution to get myself to the gym more. I built up a habit of going in the mornings, but became ill with chest infection. This really threw me off my routine and I am struggling to get back into the habit.”

Something like an illness can throw all of your preparations into turmoil. So what options can you turn to when trying to get back on track?

Hypnotherapy to break bad habits

If we take the example of being ill, it will take some time to get back to full health and to exercise again. But you may have got used to lying around after work, or sleeping in beforehand, rather than getting up and getting that much-needed exercise that you’ve missed out on throughout the day.

Hypnotherapy can be described as a process of deep relaxation and concentration. It can help overcome bad habits, like procrastination, by targeting the subconscious mind that maintains these habits. Instead of thinking habitually “I’ll go back to the gym on Monday” – a thought that encourages procrastination, hypnosis can help you override these negative thoughts with more appropriate thoughts like “Yes, I could start going to the gym on Monday, but I want to start today”.

If you think hypnosis could help you get back on track with your New Year’s resolutions, or even if you simply want to give up a bad habit, then you can find a hypnotherapist in your area by using our advanced search tool.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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