Hypnotherapy for low self-confidence

Confidence is a mental attribute. When we have an abundance of it, we believe in our capabilities and strengths. Yet when we are low on confidence, we tend to doubt ourselves and can become anxious, stressed and unhappy.

Hypnotherapy for low self-confidence

Have you ever experienced positive feedback and approval, but you still don’t feel confident in your abilities? This is down to your unconscious holding a belief that you’re not good enough, not being affected by the external praise. For example, an individual could think they are bad at public speaking, so they avoid performing altogether despite them actually being very good.

Hypnotherapy for self-confidence can be a good option for people who suffer from confidence issues as it targets the unconscious mind to make the change. A hypnotherapist will use the power of suggestion to make a positive change and improve confidence levels. So in this example’s case, the hypnotherapist will aim to instil confidence in their ability to speak in front of people. The suggestions will typically be in the present tense. So for example, “you feel confident when speaking in public” or “you have the skills to succeed at public speaking.”

How can I find a hypnotherapist that can help with my confidence levels?

Firstly, it is very important that you look for a hypnotherapist that you get along with and one that has the relevant qualifications. At this moment in time, there are not any laws governing the practice of hypnotherapy. But there are a number of professional bodies that check the training of hypnotherapists who join them.

At Hypnotherapy Directory, we have a proof policy that makes sure that every member is part of a professional body or has the relevant insurance and qualifications.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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