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Developing and maintaining self-care practices

Self-care is an individual process, and because of this, you need to find out what works best for you. So we look at a few of the most popular self-care practices that could potentially improve your day-to-day life.

Developing and maintaining self-care practices

Daily meditation

Research suggests that meditation conducted on a daily basis can improve self-esteem, mood and concentration, as well as reduce pain, anxiety, depression and stress. It can also build a sense of connectedness and compassion.


The body is designed to move. This movement can help reduce inflammation and elevate hormones that lead to satisfaction and happiness. Not only that, it also boosts blood flow which in turn, makes you more alert. When you think of exercise, it doesn’t mean you have to break a sweat – try walking, stretching, gardening, dancing or whatever you enjoy.


Between seven and nine hours of sleep is key for good self-care. Also, sleeping is arguably the easiest suggestion on this list. Maintaining a good, regular sleep pattern offers many other benefits to your body and brain.

Personal time

Most of us don’t allocate enough time to ourselves in our fast-paced daily lives. We don’t allow ourselves to just be, to feel connected with our surroundings and our own body, or to simply sit there and breathe deeply. Yet many studies have shown that focusing on breathing deeply can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and cognitive abilities.


Fun and laughter brightens up not only children’s lives, but adults too! It can help reduce stress, connect with others and improve our well-being. Don’t wait until the weekend, try it after work!

Mindful eating

Listen to the way your body responds to certain foods and drink. Notice how good you feel when eating healthy and how bad you feel at 4pm after the initial caffeine high of the 3pm coffee. This can strengthen the connection between your mind and body and make it easier for you to choose the healthier options next time you eat out with friends or family.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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