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Take action when you fall off the weight-loss wagon

We’ve all slipped up while trying to eat more healthily, but rather than giving up, here’s how you can get back on track. 

Being obese can take eight years off your life

Embarking on a healthy eating regime is not always easy – especially if the long-term goal is weight-loss.

Losing weight tends to involve cutting down on our favourite foods and swapping sugary and fatty options for lighter alternatives.

This can be tricky to stick to and sometimes we may end up giving in to our vices without thinking twice about how much effort we’ve made to slim.

If this happens, it can be easy to give in completely and head straight for the nearest takeaway venue, but this will only add to your guilt.

Instead, follow these tips to take the right course of action and get back on the wagon fast: 

Remind yourself that you’re only human

A commitment to weight-loss is essentially a commitment to change your whole lifestyle. This doesn’t happen overnight and it can take a long time for your bad habits to become healthier ones. Don’t punish yourself if you fall off the wagon – accept it and move on with the right intentions. 

Commit to the long-term

Falling off the wagon can seem like nothing more than a minor setback when you focus on the long-term goal of your health kick. This mindset will also help you to avoid temptation and thus you will be less likely to revert back to your old ways. 

Get support

It can be hard for some people to make lifestyle changes alone and they may require extra support. Seeing a professional such as a nutritionist, personal trainer or even a hypnotherapist can help keep you motivated and you will discover new and easier ways of managing cravings and staying healthy. Hypnotherapy in particular has proven useful for helping people to develop new thoughts and behaviours that promote weight-loss and long-term healthy eating goals.

Reward yourself

Once you reach one of your goals, make sure you reward yourself with a trip to the cinema, a meal out or a new item of clothing. A non-edible treat will make you feel great without tempting you to fall off the wagon.

For more information on how hypnotherapy can aid weight-loss, please see our weight-loss page. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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