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Actress Julie Walters uses hypnosis to cure her night terrors

Actress Julie Walters uses hypnosis to cure her night terrorsThe much-loved English actress Julie Walters has spoken out about how she used hypnosis to rid her of distressing night terrors.

Night terrors are episodes of sudden arousal from sleep, extreme panic, confusion, screaming and shouting, and are very different to that of a normal nightmare.

The Smethwick-born BAFTA award-winning star has reportedly suffered from panic attacks and night terrors for over a decade, and even opened up about how at times her marriage was tested as a result of these issues.

She explained how she would awaken every night screaming ‘who are you? Leave me alone!’ at her husband. :

“God knows how Grant coped.” She said.

After endless years of suffering Julie finally decided to take measures to deal with the problem and sought out hypnotherapy and acupuncture which she felt might be of use.

Hypnotherapy for sleep disorders focuses on altering and reconditioning negative patterns of behaviour, so that the unconscious mind can be accessed and the root cause of the problem can be altered.

For example, Julie’s night terrors might have been worsened by extreme stress during times she was working intensely on a film – stress that can be effectively tackled using hypnotherapy. Often, it is not the situation itself that results in stress, but the way we react to it. By accessing the unconscious mind these negative reactions to a particular situation can be turned into more positive ones.

In Julies situation, the hypnotherapist might have identified the stress as a causal factor, so dealt with this in the hope that it was the root cause of her night terrors.

“Hypnotherapy and acupuncture finally cured me,” said Julie “These days, I sleep very well.”

For further information about hypnotherapy for sleep disorders, please visit our fact-sheet.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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