Hypnotherapy for Alopecia and hair loss

Bad hair days for most people mean a few spilt ends, frizz, grease or lacklustre looking locks. Those suffering with alopecia however, have far more serious issues than a hairdryer on its last legs.

Alopecia is a condition in which stress causes patches of hair loss on the scalp, often resulting in a similar effect to that of a patient experiencing hair loss through chemotherapy.

With such a huge emphasis on looking outwardly beautiful these days, it is no wonder that Alopecia sufferers and those experiencing any kind of hair loss develop severe self esteem issues, which only causes the situation to escalate.

A study conducted in the International Journal Of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis about the effects of hypnosis when used for the treatment of Alopecia showed extremely positive results.

28 Alopecia patients took part in the study and were selected because they did not respond to traditional treatment. Twelve of the participants showed a significant improvement after hypnotherapy treatment, 4 of which suffered complete hair loss. As well as hypnotherapy for the purpose of hair regrowth, the group also had sessions which were intended to reduce stress and all subjects showed significant improvement with all experiencing lower symptoms of stress levels, anxiety and depression.

In this case, hypnotherapy is not only successful in promoting hair growth, but it is also a side effect free way of reducing stress and other symptoms of Alopecia.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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