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Peter Sandy Dip Hyp, CNHC,    Healthy Minds Clinic

Blend Centre
9A Northenden Rd
M33 2DH

01619 626280 / 07583 299 266

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Blend Centre
9A Northenden Rd
M33 2DH

01619 626280 / 07583 299 266

About me

I am an experienced, fully registered professional hypnotherapist providing help in South Manchester. A majority of my expertise is enabling people to overcome anxiety and confidence issues including phobias, panic attacks, insomnia and stress management. I also help people struggling to overcome addictions, weight loss, bad habits and other emotional or psychological problems.

About Therapy

Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and often relaxing way to deal with old issues and create helpful changes to unconscious thought patterns.

As a clinical hypnotherapist my primary skill is listening and understanding what the issue is, identifying any blocks to your success and working together within a hypnotic process to help you achieve your goal.

The first session is scheduled for up to 2 hours and begins with a full consultation - that means you can expect me to ask relevant questions - allowing me enough insight to form effective hypnotic suggestions for your hypnotherapy session.

It's important to me that you feel safe and comfortable during your hypnotherapy session. When working together I endeavour to treat each person with respect and always structure my approach to your personal needs and not the symptom or presenting problem.

Anxiety, Panic Disorders and Phobias

Anxiety issues effect us all at different times and in varying degrees in life and hypnotherapy is a natural "drug free" way of working through the anxiety towards more helpful thoughts and feelings.

Whether you need help for a unique situation like exam nerves or public speaking, or more persistent deep-rooted problems linked to past trauma, general fears and phobias, I am experienced at helping people to regain a healthier perspective and remain in control at the moments when it matters most.

I always share useful coping strategies and relaxation techniques that you can use in-situ or practise in the comfort of your home.

We work together at your pace and speed to allow a gentle progression towards any change that is agreeable to you.


If you or someone you know suffers with phobia issues please be aware that hypnotherapy and NLP approaches can alleviate the phobic response, often within 3 sessions.

Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

If you are interested in forming a different relationship with food and creating a new way of eating without dieting I provide a simple, flexible, common sense approach and support that works to help you release weight and most importantly, to change unhelpful thoughts.

You can pay on a session by session basis or choose the treatment plan £180 covering three sessions (5 hours of therapy) and all materials and support CD's.

Hypno-Band - Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Treatment
I am a licensed Hypno-Band Gastric weight-Loss practitioner in Manchester. This allows me to use a proven and comprehensive Virtual Gastric Banding method producing impressive weight loss results for people who would like the supportive feeling more full from small portions of food.

The Hypno-Band process is a powerful weight management tool to help people from eating too much because, as with a physical gastric band, there is the experience of feeling full even when you only eat a small portion.

This process also covers emotional eating, addictive foods, and body confidence issues.

This four session treatment comes with two Virtual Gastric Banding CD's and an information pack containing everything you need to lose weight safely.

This comprehensive weight control treatment is priced at £240.


Hypnosis and NLP treatments can help you, or a loved one, to break free from the cycle of addiction. Including many different types of addiction, from drug and chemical addictions such as alcohol abuse, drug addiction (cocaine, cannabis addiction), quitting smoking, to other addictions such as compulsive gambling addiction, porn addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, shopping addiction etc.

Smoking Cessation

If you are struggling to stop by yourself I can help you to get past the problem using an approach that has worked for even the most hard-core smokers.

Booking your Stop smoking Hypnotherapy session lasting up to 2 hours is your first step to becoming smoke free.

During the session we focus on your individual smoking habit to ensure you gain complete control over any thoughts or triggers that are causing you problems.

I will show you how to change your perception of smoking and how to more easily overcome the psychological dependency - the love story -  that so many smokers struggle to beat.

At the end of the session you are given a powerful hypnosis CD containing more support for you to take home.

My Quit Smoking Guarantee - If you require more support following the first session you can book another smoking cessation session for free - this offer is open with no time limits.

Cannabis Cessation .

The therapy approach that is successful for cannabis cessation is a combination of hypnosis and NLP techniques that help change any psychological reliance on cannabis as a way to relax or cope and to remove any fear of what life will be like in the future without the drug. Cannabis addiction is often a more complex issue than smoking tobacco (although nicotine addiction is part of the issue) and that means successful treatment may take longer - on average between 3 to 6 sessions.

Alcohol Addiction

Hypnotherapy approaches can help people think differently about alcohol and find resources that enable you to feel stronger and more determined to make better choices.

Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy Treatment

The initial treatment plan starts at £80 and each following session is priced at £60.

About Healthy Minds Clinic

Healthy Minds Clinic was established by Clinical hypnotherapist Peter Sandy in 2010 and uses professional therapy rooms based in Sale, South Manchester.

Peter also provides anxiety support and smoking cessation hypnotherapy treatments at the largest cancer hospital in the UK, based near Didsbury, in Manchester.

Get In Touch

I am happy to be contacted by phone, text or email and endeavour to reply to any message ASAP.

You might be surprised at just how quickly you can start to turn things around, moving your life forward with confidence.

Fees If, due to your circumstances, you are unable to afford the fees I charge please tell me and I will do my best to make my treatment affordable.

Training, qualifications & experience

About me:

Thank you for viewing my page. I am happy to provide you with all the information you need to help you make the best choice.

In 2010 I launched Healthy Minds Clinic Hypnotherapy practice based in Sale combining the most effective therapy disciplines available.

Training: I trained at the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (LCCH) based at Imperial College, Kensington, achieving a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 2007 - 2008

The LCCH is accredited by the British Accreditation Council, the Open University, Greenwich University and the Royal College of Nursing.

Licensed Hypno-Band practitioner - 2010

Wordweaving Practitioner - The Quest Institute - 2011

NLP Diploma from NLP Centre of Excellence 2012

Registered: I am a registered associate member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and I abide by their rules and regulations.

I am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The CNHC is the only goverment backed therapist register and the Department of Health recommend consultations with CNHC registered therapists.

Insured: Fully insured with cover of £5,000,000

Security: Full CRB/DBS enhanced disclosure – I require this certificate because of the hypnotherapy work I do for charity organisations and hospitals.

Over the years I’ve successfully helped thousands of people with a long list of anxiety problems that people seek professional help for, so if you know today you are ready to seek the best help for you please contact me for a free telephone consultation.


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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Cannabis addiction, Gastric Band Hypnosis, cocaine addiction, Exam Nerves, Fear of flying, Fear of Planes, Phobia treatment

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