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Vivienne Parker MFHT

Downham Market

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Downham Market

01366 383277

About me

I have been a Hypnotherapist Practitioner since 2006 and trained with a vision of helping people reach their full potential and assist those with addictions or having problems that Hypnotherapy can uniquely solve.

HYPNOTHERAPY can be given for a variety of conditions. Its amazing how effective it can be as the sub-conscious resolves deep seated problems in the hypnotherapeutic trance. Once a client enters a relaxed trance like state good work can be done to help heal all manner of issues of a psychological nature.

One of my most successful hypnotherapy sessions is STOPPING SMOKING. In little over an hour of therapy you can leave me as a non-smoker no matter how long you have smoked or how many you smoke. The time to stop is NOW.

SMOKING is a real problem and for those that are sure they want to give up a very high success rate has been obtained. It does not matter how many cigarettes you smoke the habit can be stopped for good. You need to be at least 80% motivated to give up for Hypnotherapy to work. If you've tried other methods and failed ,this might be just what you need. DO IT NOW!!

I have been overweight all my life and have even tried surgery to resolve it so I fully understand your problem and have the utmost sympathy. It can take some time to reduce. and the techniques I use cannot be regarded as a 'quick fix'.There are several ways of addressitng weight loss and these can be discussed with the client to get a match. Sometimes it might be targetting a single issue or it could be a deep rooted fixation on eating which needs digging out and getting rid of. For example - it's possible to get rid of desires to overeat on things like chocolate,crisps,ice cream,snacks or cheese. It may be a problem relating back to your childhood and comfort eating. Any food hang up can be addressed and removed.

As you can imagine it is difficult to stop people eating but you can be helped and so can compulsive and emotional eating.

THE ENHANCED 5/2 DIET. This is one way of helping with weight loss. Every Client that comes for this receives a book on the subject and also a motivational, hypnotherapy CD to take home. Visits then take place once a month to reinforce therapy and help with the weight loss. This approach can be successful where people have tried everything previously and failed. On the fast days I recommend Slim-Fast products to keep a low Calorie count. THIS WORKS!-and is certainly much easier than trying to starve yourself with the Gastric Band technique.
This whole strategy works long term because it is doable. Once the goal weight is achieved there is an easy maintenance programme to follow.

Some Clients like to come for one motivational session with weight loss and then return again when they feel the need. This is very helpful if you have a single issue to address. ie chocolate addiction. IF YOU HAVE JUST ONE FOOD AREA CAUSING YOUR PROBLEM I can HELP.Used in conjunction with other support ie.A Slimming Club- this can offer a high success rate.


these are many and varied. Irrational fears that you cannot control. Clients have come with a variety of fears. Flying,Vomit,Birds,Spiders,Heights, Needles, Blood -An endless list.
I have recently been using 'The Rewind Technique' and often this will cure even a deep rooted phobia in one session. Please feel free to phone to discuss your issue in complete confidentiality.

DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY are successfully treated by Hypnotherapy and its amazing how effective this can be,even with long term sufferers.

There are so many things that Hypnotherapy can address,and help to heal or improve. Sometimes one session is all that is needed but for deep rooted problems you may need to return more than once.

Hypnotherapy is a dynamic therapy and new ideas for helping Clients are being found all the time. It is amazing how successful treatments are and most Clients enjoy the hypnotherapeutic trance and the session. Please see my website where a lot more detail on the treatments available is listed.

I am happy to offer this service on its own or combined with hypnotherapy,whatever your choice. I can assure you of Total Confidentiality which applies to ALL Clients In all treatments.

You are always welcome to phone me for a chat to discuss your own particular issues and problems. In this way when you do visit we can start to get to work straight away!!

Training, qualifications & experience

Trained at N-Shap in Cambridge.
Done extra training in past-life therapy.
Qualified Counsellor.
Have had general experience in a wide field hypnotherapy facility.
Member of Holistic Therapy Federation.

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Irrational thoughts and known past-life hangups. These can be helped with Past-Life therapy.
Sometimes phobias are linked to this and regression can diminish or erase the problem.


Monday to Friday £50 per session lasting 1 to 1.5 hours.

Saturday £60 as above.


Further information

I work flexible hours and offer evening and Saturday morning sessions for working people.

Downham Market, PE38

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Monday to Friday 10am-7pm. Saturday by arrangement

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