William James (CNHC registered)

William James (CNHC registered)

Snowsfields Wellness
41 Snowsfields

07831 693684

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Snowsfields Wellness
41 Snowsfields

07831 693684

About me

My approach to therapy is driven by the belief that people are highly individual, each with their own particular combination of thoughts, behaviours, desires, hopes, problems and needs. Sometimes the complexities of life today can generate stresses and anxieties that can be compounded by our minds tendency to focus on problems and negatives while ignoring positives. This can lead to a feeling of being ‘blocked’ and unable to resolve problems and issues.

But I also believe that we all have strengths and abilities that give us the capability to develop, to progress, and to make the changes we want in our lives, something that’s confirmed by neuroscience and the discovery of the ‘brain plasticity’ – the brain’s life-long ability to develop based on how it’s used. Ultimately I seek to help clients get back in charge of their lives, giving them the focus, confidence, calmness and self-sufficiency to progress and let their lives flourish once more.

What To Expect:

The structure of any treatment is likely to vary depending upon a number of factors. In most cases, the first session will involve taking some details, such as medical and family history. After this, time will be given to taking about the problem or issue, as it’s important for me to understand how you are experiencing it. The goals of therapy can then be established between us; an important part of the therapy process. At this stage an estimate for the amount of time required for therapy can be made, and further appointments arranged. Sometimes these things may be done in a subsequent session, as it is often most helpful to experience and benefit from hypnosis during the first session, (with time to discuss hypnosis beforehand if you have not experienced it before).

Sessions usually last for one hour, although for people wishing to stop smoking, I offer a single 90-minute session.

Hypnotherapy is a solution-focused therapy, and can often achieve results quickly, however, there are many factors that can influence the rate of progress for any client and/or issue.

My Specialisms:

I have also completed specialised training in the following areas:

  • I have qualified as a Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner (CHFP), enabling me to offer help and support to men and women with fertility problems, with both natural conception and when using assisted reproductive technologies (ART).
  • I have also trained in the 'Stop Smoking in One Day' protocol with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH).
  • I also work as a psychotherapist utilising Acceptance & Commitment therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based behaviour therapy with a strong evidence base.
  • I am a registered Clinical Mindfulness Teacher (DCMT), qualified to teach courses such as Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).
  • I am a qualified Human Social Functioning practitioner, qualified in the use of the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning.

Training, qualifications & experience

I studied hypno-psychotherapy at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (NCHP), on a course externally accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. This Diploma-level training covers an integrative approach to therapy, which simply means that different therapeutic approaches can be employed to suit the specific needs of a client.

I have also completed further specialised training in certain areas, such as Fertility (Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner), and Smoking-Cessation. I have extended my training as a psychotherapist to include Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based behaviour therapy.

I am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and am a member of the National Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Also, I’m an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist providing therapeutic support to the charity’s members and partner beneficiaries. I’m subject to Anxiety UK’s regular monitoring of my professional qualifications, supervision, continual professional development, insurance and professional body membership in addition to complying with the ethical framework and professional standards set down by my registered governing body.

In addition, I have trained as a clinical mindfulness teacher, enabling me to facilitate on 8-week courses such as Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, (a NICE-approved intervention for relapse & recurrence of depression). My personal mindfulness & compassion practice also informs my work as a therapist.

I am also a Human Social Functioning practitioner, qualified in the use of the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning, and the application of HSF skills and techniques in therapy.

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

I have specialised training in working with Fertility issues, (easybirthing®).

Apart from strictly defined ‘hypnotherapy’ I am qualified as a psychotherapist, an ACT therapist, a clinical mindfulness teacher and human social functioning practitioner.

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***Special offer: 33% discount on hourly sessions booked through the Hypnotherapy Directory during October, November & December 2017, (£50 per session), see below for details***

One hour appointments are £75.00, (the clinic accepts payments by cards or cash).

'Stop Smoking in One Session' lasts for 90 minutes and costs £125.00

I will always try to accommodate clients who have difficulty in affording my fees as I believe a lack of funds should not prevent people receiving professional therapeutic help. In these situations, I offer reduced rates at certain times on Fridays, please mention your needs when making an appointment.

Please note:

At least 24 hours notice is required when rescheduling or cancelling appointments, otherwise the full fee will be charged.

*** Special discount for Hypnotherapy Directory users: 33% off (£50.00 per session), available on hourly appointments on Tuesdays or Fridays, between 9:30am & 5:30pm. Offer runs until December 22nd 2017, and continues throughout the course of therapy (no time limit). Please either book using the 'E-mail Me' button above, or be sure to mention the Hypnotherapy Directory when phoning, so I can ensure the clinic will apply the discount. ***

Further information

How Hypnotherapy Could Help You:

Hypnosis may help people to deal with a wide variety of problems, difficulties and conditions, to such a degree that some people question how one ‘thing’ may be of help with such varied problems as those listed at the bottom of this page.

How is this possible? Well, it may help to think of hypnosis as simply a ‘tool’ that can be used in therapy; a tool that helps you to work with your mind, (it’s not mind-control, an individual in hypnosis is always in control). When you consider the way we experience all thoughts, emotions & sensations in our minds, then it starts to become clear how working with the mind can help with the problems listed. For example, people often say that something makes them anxious, with phrases such as ‘spiders make me anxious’. Yet clearly spiders can’t project anxiety into people, even if it might feel as if they do! The anxiety arises as a result of the minds reaction to the presence of a spider, and sometimes even to the thought that there might be a spider in the room. So we must work on the thoughts, rather than the spiders.

Certain medical conditions may also benefit from hypnotherapy, particularly where there is a psychosomatic element, or where stress and anxiety may cause or aggravate the condition. In such cases clients should first consult a GP or specialist to determine if there are any underlying physiological causes, and if so, to ensure they are treated. For these conditions it is very important that a doctor makes a diagnosis: For example, in the case of IBS, there are conditions with similar symptoms that may be treated entirely differently. Only once those conditions have been ruled out and a diagnosis of IBS has been made, would a doctor refer a patient for Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy. Although it is mentioned in NICE guidelines for resistant IBS, hypnotherapy is currently very difficult to obtain on the NHS, the only NHS clinic I was aware of closed due to cut backs. I see a lot of IBS clients, many having been referred for hypnotherapy by a GP or specialist.

More information about specific uses of hypnosis can be found on my web site under ‘Services’.

London, SE1 3SU

Practical details

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Late appointments available on Tuesday evenings.

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