Wayne Dharana (DHYP, DCMT, DNLP)

Wayne Dharana (DHYP, DCMT, DNLP)

Life Confidence Warrior,
The College Business Centre
Uttoxeter New Road
DE22 3WZ

01332 289574

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Life Confidence Warrior,
The College Business Centre
Uttoxeter New Road
DE22 3WZ

01332 289574

About me

Ready To Make 2016 INCREDIBLE?
Whether it's kick ass coaching & Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight, Powerful Stop Smoking Hypnosis, or a Power session of Rapid Results Hypnosis to irradicate Anxiety & help you reach your goals, let's talk today!

I'm a big believer in fate, and synchronicity- and if you're on this page, right now, the chances are this is the right time for you, and you are in the right place to make that change you've always dreamed of.

The reality is is doesn't matter how long you've struggled with your weight, or been unable to quit smoking, or overcome that phobia, if you're ready to say 'Bring It On!' to a positive, unbeatable version of yourself, then I can help you make the changes you need in an instant.

Will it be hard? Not with the right support, and the right intervention to help you make the changes you need in your mind. Your mind can be your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss ( as you may know) or it can be your best friend. The same with habbits like smoking. 95% of the battle is in your mind. So let me equip you with the tools you need to win!

Why Me?

I have been a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach since the age of 21. I get results. Having worked a trainer, coach and entertainer in the corporate sector, as well as a consultant one thing is clear: I love working with people, and I love getting results.

I've always had a passion for self development as well as seeing others develop, so training as a hypnotist and coach seemed the natural progression. Since training in ‘conventional’ hypnotherapy at age 21 I have also endeavoured to broaden my own life experiences and training- having spent time travelling and lworking with my skills in New York, Pennsylvania, India, Spain to name but a few.

Taking Derby By Storm, With A Rock & Roll Approach. What To Expect?

I have very much developed my own unique style of helping others, and am quite different to many hypnotherapists you may have seen before- Whilst I am trained as a clinical psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Complete Mind Therapist, and Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Coach I tend to lean away from traditional ‘Relaxatherapy’. I work with in a very direct way, and it’s not unusual for you to hear The Killers, Bruce Springsteen or Ellie Goulding coming from my office, rather than the conventional ‘Whale Song' & 'Panpipes’.

More recently, having worked with Sky TV’s Steve Miller, I have been appointed as an official Board member and Consultant Hypnotist to ‘The Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists’ – an organisation in which our aim is to truly pioneer and champion weight loss results, and the first ever international regulated organisation for Weight Loss Hypnotherapists.

My core passions are helping say 'F-Off To Flab' using my 6 week, immersive weight loss program, as well as seeing life-long smokers kick the habbit after just 90 mnutes with me.But I also LOVE watching my clients grow and their confidence sky-rocket in any way- after all, you derserve to be living the best life you can?

I want YOU to be able to wake up each day, and realise how incredible you feel... So you can look back at goals that once seemed so hard that you have achieved with ease. Life can be GREAT if you just #BeTheWarror and have someone on board giving you support and tools EXACTLY when, and where you need them.

Training, qualifications & experience

Clinical Hypnotherapy (Dhyp) - I am trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist- although my 'style' of working is a lot less about 'Relaxation' and a lot more about RESULTS!

Complete Mind Therapy (DCMT)- I often work utilising the 'Complete Mind Therapy' approach. This is an approach about balancing, and addressing key 'inbalances' that could be causing the issues you're facing but without having to go through the trauma of regression/ re-living the moments of trauma.

NLP (Master Practitioner)- Having trained to 'Master Practitioner' Level in NLP I use a lot of 'open eye' work with my clients. I am all about making direct, rapid and lasting change to help YOU get to where you want to Be.

Authoritarian Weight Loss Practitioner & Board Member - I have worked with Sky TV's Steve Miller for some time, and we share a very similar direct approach. Very recently I have was selected as a Board Member & Consutlant for the 'Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists' - A global organisation pioneering weight loss success & Results. I spent 12 months advising, and offering both the public, and fellow hypnotherapists tips and advice for effective weight loss.

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Photos & videos

  • The Hypno-Chamber! (My Office)
  • Me- Wating for my next Client!
  • Derby Hypnotherapy- Proof Of Your POWERFUL Mind!
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • MELT Techniques
  • My New Office Location!
  • YOU are in Control!
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Currently I work with clients through my various 'Programs' rather than charging clients by the hour/ per session. I prefer that your pay for results, and outcomes rather than paying a set rate for a session, when you my have NO idea how many sessions you're going to need. I prefer to be transparent, direct, and to the point! That means no hidden costs, only hidden benfits!

I don't attempt to be the cheapest... But I aim to be the BEST! After all, 'value for money' is about far more than just what you pay.

Weight Loss Program- £497
This price will be rising very soon to £547, then £597 . But, right now £497 this gives you 6 one to one sessions with me, face to face where we address the causes and habits resulting in your weight gain and reprogram your mind for sexy, slim, healthy living. You also get a whole package of aftercare support including additional audio recordings, workbooks, meal plans, and even 'SOS' Text Message Support! This is a very unique and immersive program

This isn't just about 'weight loss hypnotherapy'- This is is about you feeling FABULOUS and starting to live the confident, brilliant, energy filled life you crave- whilst finally reaching those weight loss goals, and staying 'on track' for goo. No more diets. No more weigt loss pills. Just fabulous YOU in control of your choices, and life.

The NO BUTTS, Just Stop Program! - £199
VERY Limited Price- Soon Rising to £299, and then £447....

Is this too expesnive? If so, then maybe you are not ready to stop smoking, or commited enought to make it happen. But IF you fed up of squandering away your cash...And wasting hours of your life every month smoking... then this IS the program for you.

If you are a '20 a day' smoker you're probably already buring around £3,000 per year- not to mention the health effects! Are you ready to say NO BUTTS and stop today? My unique Stop Smoking program includes a face to face session lasting upto 2 hours where we irradicate your addiction to cigarettes, and change your habits. You also get a back up Audio program, as well as a FREE aftercare appointment if needed, anytime within 6 months. Though, no one ever needs that! Are you ready? Call me today!

Confidence Warrior Booster Program- £197

Again, this is a very limited launch price to celebrate the opening of my glamorous new office in Derby. This program includes 2 face to face sessions to re-program your mind for confidence, success & super living. This is a great progrm to help you if you stuggle with anxiety, or stress. You also get back up audio programs, a workbook to keep you engaged and on track as well as ongoing support via email and my 'SOS' Text Message Support Service. Included, is an additional follow up session if needed within 6 months!

This is a great choice if you need a general boost, or waht help witha phobia, feeling more confident or generally being more successful and confident!

Exclusive, and Limited Group Sessions - From £47

Maybe you're not quite in the postion to afford one of my 1-1 programs. Or perhaps, the waiting list is simply too long BUT you still want to make changes in your life, and feel the power of hyonosis and coaching. For this reason each month I do just TWO group hypnosis and coaching sessions. These last from 1.5- 2 hours and I offer one for weight loss, and one for Quitting smoking. Even though you'll be paying a fraction of what anyone would normally pay for face to face coaching with me you get attention, and assitance in a room of just 15 people maximum- who are all wanting to achieve the same goal as you.

Together we run through various demonstrations, discuss the how's and why's of achieveing your goal- and you wil be hypnotised to give us chance to re-prgram your mind for success, and make things that once seemed so hard suddenly feel so easy. You even (for a LIMITED) time, leave with a free audio backup for you to listen to after the event to re-inforce the suggestions, and re-programming carried out at the group session.

Anything Else- Starting at £129 Per Session (1.5 hours)
If you don't feel that any of my existing programs match what you're looking for, then by all means arrange a free Telephone Consultation with me or drop me an email so I can see EXACTLY how I can help you start living the life you deserve to be living!

Further information

Client Testimonials

Here is a selection of just a few clients I have helped. These reviews can be verified on my Google Listing. LIke what you see? Why not arrange to come and see me yourself at my Derby Hypnotherapy Practice...?

Wow.. That Worked So Well!
"Wow that worked so well I've tried so many I thought this one wouldn't work either but it did. Thank you!"

-Bethany T
(In reference to my 5 miniute 'Anxiety Assasin' Technique)

Absolutely Wonderful...
"I highly recommend these programmes which Wayne has to offer! Speaking through experience his coaching work is excellent and so effective i was having confidence and anxiety issues for a long time and this stopped me from achieving my goals...I started speaking with Wayne and he filled my mind with all positives thoughts and inspired me so much ... I have started to put this into practice and if it wasn't for Wayne I can honestly say I would not of achieved my goals and now I have no confidence issues at all ! love it :)"

-Rebecca B

I Can't Believe How Different I Feel..
"I can't believe how much different I feel thank you so much this is what I've been needing! Thanks...!"

- Neil S

(In reference to a simple strategy I shared with Neil )

I would Highly Reccomend...

"Wayne is extremely knowledgeable and his programmes are excellent. He has a very professional and approachable manner and I would highly recommend working with him without any hesitation."

- Sarah B

Words Of Wisdom Going Around My Head...
"I met Wayne a couple of weeks ago and am still hearing some of his words of wisdom going round in my head. Professional, approachable and insightful, I would recommend him. Very clear but dynamic delivery of material. Thank you for a very interesting talk..."

- Sarah F

Wow..That's Amazing!!
"Wow that's amazing! I was in such a bad place ten minutes ago...! How does that even work?! Thank you..!"

- Carly M

Let's change YOUR life, and make you the next testimonial on this page! Are you ready for the ride?

If you're unsure about anything, shy about jumping on board, or are simply not sure how to progress then why not arrange a free telephone consultation with me? That will give us 30 minutes to discuss where you're at, where you want to be - and how 'The Life Confidence Warrior' can help you get there!

Derby, DE22 3WZ

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


I endeavour to take your calls whenever I can. However, if I am not availible one of my team will be happy to help, and I will call you back ASAP. We will ALWAYS anser you call!

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