Tessa Woods, Clinical Hypnotherapist Hyp Dip CS

Tessa Woods, Clinical Hypnotherapist Hyp Dip CS


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01760 788635 / 07784429608

About me

Specialised in : Anxiety & Stress, Weight Loss, I.B.S and other helpful therapies listed below. I offer a free assessment. Come Talk in Confidence and feel better. I have a Kind Non-Judgemental, Compassionate Approach.I am very good listener, very used to Tears and Emotions I am very personable, I like working on a one to one basis I have worked within the care sector, for many years. Hypnotherapy fields have a deep interest for me. Offering a lot to clients, the tools required to action needed to change lives, wanted to make those changes for a better future. .

I can help with a wide range of areas including:

  • Weight Loss & Control
  • IBS Gut Specific and Gut Directed Protocols
  • Anxiety & Stress Management, Reduction & Relaxation
  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Fears Phobias and Habits
  • Quit Smoking (Cessation)
  • Driving and Exam Fears
  • Improving Your Relationships (WH Specialist Package)

Hypnosis is a specialised form of verbal communication. Hypnotherapy directs the hypnotic state onto the specific area of life. That the individual wishes to ammend / change. Using hypnosis a clients immagination is then directed, focused onto your concerns / issues. Outcome is focused upon actioning the required, desired changes. If you would like to talk about Hypnotherapy(Completely Confidential Environment), I offer a Free Assessment /Consultation: 1 hour with No Obligation.
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Training, qualifications & experience

Tessa Woods Hyp. Dip. CS, ACC. MHS
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Chrysalis Courses
Professional Accredited
Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills.

I am also a (ACC) meaning Accredited and (MHS) member of The Hypnotherapy Society.

Which is A Professional Organisational Body. The National Hypnotherapy Society.

I also keep my skills updated. I attend and enjoy CPD (Continued Professional Development) training in the fields of Hypnotherapy.

Member organisations

Hypnotherapy Society

Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with


Photos & videos

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*Fees, are arranged at the end of the Initial Assessment & Consultation.
This SESSION is always FREE 1 hour.  Number of sessions required / treatment plans are also fully discussed at this time.                            


                     ********************THERAPIES & PRICES ************************

RELAXATION  (NOT HYPNOSIS)                                           £25.00 PER SESSION
WEIGHT LOSS & CONTROL                                                  £60.00 PER SESSION
DEALING WITH FEARS                                                           £60.00 PER SESSION
PHOBIA'S                                                                                 £60.00 PER SESSION
HABITS: NAIL BITING, HAIR PULLING.... ETC.........            £60.00 PER SESSION
QUIT SMOKING/ SMOKING CESSATION                              £100.00 (TWO HOURS ONLY)
REGRESSION                                                                          £80.00 PER SESSION
DRIVING EXAM FEARS                                                           £45.00 PER SESSION
IMPROVING YOUR RELATIONSHIIPS                                   £45.00 PER SESSION

Concessions are available at set times and for individuals who are able to supply proof of a low income. CHARITY WORK AND HOURS CAN ALSO BE ARRANGED

Further information

I love what I do for a living and I have a passion for the fields that I work in.

Hypnotherapy can be so helpful in so many areas, of your life. It is so gentle but powerful putting the individual in control of where the client wants to be. Here at Woods Hypnotherapy you are in safe hands free to talk in Complete Confidentiality about anything that's on your mind and then to examine for yourself and action the changes you want to make to your life.

Below are details of the types of therapies I offer and my reasons for doing the work that I do.

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STRESS & ANXIETY. At times we all suffer from Stress, but when it escalates it becomes a Major Issue for that person. In applying Helpful, Easy, Natural & Gentle Techniques. Clients learn to combat and take back control. The effects are amazing to see and such a weight is lifted. Physically and Mentally, a person feels so much better about themselves and there lives.

I.B.S. IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. Stress is a major contributing factor. So much pain is experienced by the sufferer (Hospital Examinations). Isolation and fear can play a big factor. A person can withdraw in part/ whole from society. Hypnosis is 80% effective in reducing eliminating symptoms. All  areas of life see improvement from: Increasing your Confidence, Managing Symptoms and Reducing Medications (always with Doctors Consultation). Modern medicine can offer no answers why I.B.S occurs. I work with clients who observe positive dramatic changes in their life. Reduction in Pain & Symptoms. Its an amazing effective change to witness in clients affected by this syndrome. Wonderful to see the results.

WEIGHT LOSS AND CONTROL I love working with clients in this field. My reasons are you can add to and help the client make an effective change. Being overweight / obese has significant health risks leading to mobility issues in the long-term. First we  look at lifestyle and together we look at other ways to fulfil your needs. Emotional needs can not be met via food. In taking the reasons, surrounding why you eat and what purpose it serves. For every behaviour, there is a purpose behind it trying to address and fulfil a requirement that you need.

Using Hypnotherapy Techniques for losing weight is very effective. Because it looks at your life as a whole. Weight Loss therapy is very effective at putting you off, high concentrated foods. Leading you to actively seek more healthier choices. Hypnosis can assist you in raising your motivation, how you feel about yourself and raising your inner confidence, which are all contributing factors.

Hypnotherapy offers a way to achieve a steady observed weight loss. With the intended view of keeping weight off permanently. Adopting a healthier lifestyle, feeling better about yourself, helping you to live the life, be the weight you want to be. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy avoids NO Deprivation, NO YO-YO dieting and counting calories. instead adopting a healthy lifestyle with adequate portions of anything you like. Designed and tailored to you! A naural effective way to be the weight that's right for you.

CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM I love working with clients in this field. My reasons are you can add to and help the client make an effective change.In todays busy and hectic world. It is easy to see how over time our self confidence, can become damaged. Going through life everyday with a low confidence and low self esteem, is not any fun at all. It is a struggle, impacting on our feelings and our world. Affecting everything we do and limiting the relationships, that we are able to form. Subconsciously, we all take in messages from other people, via signals. Body language, is just one way how confidence can be expressed. Signals expressed tells us exactly how there are feeling and lets them know how we are feeling. Normally, we do not notice these signals, they are silent, unconscious. By raising your confidence you will feel it internally and notice the difference. Others will also notice and respond accordingly.

A low self confidence can be resolved. Often coming from childhood or more recent upsetting events.Help is available. Now you are here and you have recognised the issue at hand. Let Tess Woods Hypnotherapy assist you.Hypnotherapy is very effective for confidence. I see the results, with clients everyday. In reconnecting with your confidence. You will feel, experience and live the difference.




Thank you for viewing this page.

I look forward to meeting you. I look forward to working with you to resolve using Hypnotherapy to improve your life. I offer a free assessment session 1 hour no obligation.


01760 788635


or to send me a message for free just CLICK on http://www.woodshypnotherapy.co.uk/#!contact-/c1gzt or use the hypnotherapy directory link.


Please ensure you read the page of the website and the safety message before you begin. To Access this click on the below link.


I am very open to work with Charities and Businesses. I would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact me.

Kindest and warmest regards

Tessa Woods Hyp. Dip. CS. MHS.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Woods Hypnotherapy.... time tailored to you....

Swaffham, PE37

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm. Saturday 8am to 8pm Sunday & Home Visits Available on Request. Appointments are fitted to and around client requirements and needs.

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