Stella Rodgers CMIR DCHAc ~ HPD MNCH

Stella Rodgers  CMIR DCHAc ~ HPD MNCH

East Sussex

I am unable to take further enquiries until 01-Sep-2017

01424 893210 / 07554 617416

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East Sussex

01424 893210 / 07554 617416

About me

I am unable to take further enquiries until 01-Sep-2017

Hello. What can I share with you? I've years of experience in therapy, people say I'm the sort of person they can tell their trouble to. Hypnosis can do so many things that you'll be surprised! My Paediatric qualification means that all ages come here with many different issues. When we meet I expect you'll ask all sorts of questions and I'll answer in the clearest way possible. Although hypnosis is not a 'magic pill' for everything, it can seem that way when life gets so much better for you! We all have ways, 'tools' so to speak, of dealing with life's ups and downs and a bit more understanding - plus a few extra tools I show you - can make an enormous difference. So let's have a chat, or you could text me and we'll go from there. OK?

Training, qualifications & experience

Hypnosis Therapy - The Institute of East Anglia.
Licensed NLP Therapist
Emotional FreedomTherapy
SICH Paediatric Hypnotherapy Certified

Traditional Chinese Medicine ~ University of Beijing / London
Teaching Certificate 7300 City and Guilds Institute.

You might ask if these seemingly different subjects have much in common, well yes, they do. I favour an holistic approach, and I know - as perhaps so you do too - that the mind and emotional aspects are very influential in causing many different effects to the physical body, think CEO and stomach ulcers!

For example, a physical shock to the body in perhaps a car accident can cause the most abject fear of a similar event occurring again (a phobia). Shock to the mind, sudden death for instance, might send a person into an attack of psoriasis or asthma, or cause an old addiction to resurface. Loss of any part of our being, an attack physically or mentally, is a loss too.

So how can this understanding help you? The use of these complementary therapies is more efficient in both value and time for the individual, and means that I can see your health from a variety of different aspects, and so choose the treatment or combination of therapies for you, producing the most powerful results in the shortest time.

I do find the teaching qualification helps a lot in the practicality of passing easily understandable information to everyone - plus children and parents all benefit from my special Paediatric training.

I am registered with the UKCHO and the NCH. Which means every provision has been taken to ensure your, and your GP's confidence.

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Pre and Post Operative Therapy.
This relatively new and comprehensive therapy has been used simply to calm "Exam nerves" of the hospital or dentists experience. Wouldn't you like to 'breeze' through those doors with confidence?
Pre-operative hypnosis has been found to considerably limit the use of medication through the lessening effects of muscle tension, in other words less upset means less drugs and less time in hospital so enabling a speedier recovery.
The control of post-operative pain through hypnosis is well known and established. Continuing relief after the event can mean a comfortable and speedy convalescence, and again less drugs.
An example might be the assistance of hypnosis to the seemingly simple operation of cataracts, a patient with a shaking symptom such as Parkinson's disease may undergo this with impunity with a qualified, successful experiened hypnotherapist in attendance.


Fees are calculated through the choice of therapies thus the time needed.
For example Auricular Therapy (Reflexology through the ear) will take an extra possible 15 minutes.
See for other non invasive therapies.
Some however are included where approprate - e.g. T.F.T (Sometimes called 'Tapping' Therapy) which is for the emotional aspects.
An average is £40 to £50 for an appointment of (minimum) an hour - 2015.
Because of the diagnostic process, initial appointments might be a little longer. I will ask you to bring in some time saving and helpful information, all of which is totaly confidential of course.

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’

Arthur C Clark

Further information

I first became interested in pre and post operative care when my late husband was diagnoed with a serious illness, and I was surprised to find when using hypnosis for his cateract operation that there is a lack of knowledge in this area.

Some Unusual problems
1) Lost car Keys.
This lovely couple were in dire straights when they found that they couldn't take their spare car for its MOT because they had put the keys 'in a safe place' when the grand childnren came to visit!
Having looked for weeks time was running out ...
The answer was regression for both parties back to the day of 'the hiding'.
And sure enough they were in the blue pot with the lid on, up there on the mantle-shelf all the time!
2) A Hidden Symptom.
"I don't know whats the matter with me, but I keep crying for no reason." said Mrs S at her first appointment.
This lady had recently had a serious operation, and got over the physical aspects nicely. There were nothing that she could think of causing any upset, and yet the slightest thing could set her off weeping.
A physical or emotional loss is still a loss - and grieving is a need that cannot be ignored. This was the case here, the physical operation was a life changing factor that also had very serious emotional aspects not addressed at the time. Through hypnosis Mrs S was able to heal the emotional aspect of the pain she suffered.
EFT used here was a brilliant therapy for her to take home and practice, and can be used for a lifetime!

Battle, TN33

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Weekdays and evenings - no weekends. Home visits available.

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