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6B Church Street

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6B Church Street

0118 901 8749

About me

Hi, I'm Paul Jerome.

I’d like to show you a simple technique for helping with your fears, anxiety, confidence and public speaking.

I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of satisfied clients who find my take on confidence, emotional change and communication to be an engaging, enlightening and empowering experience, plus I’ve created ground-breaking on-line training programmes used by thousands of professionals to help improve their communication skills.

Now I could go into further detail about all the work I’ve done, or the techniques I’ve created along the way for helping people change, however I believe it’s more important for you to understand where I’m coming from, how I became a hypnotherapist, and how I can help you get over your fears, your anxieties, your lack of confidence and get your voice heard.

But honestly; looking back at my past, I’m as shocked as anyone that I ended up helping people with hypnotherapy.

To show you what I mean, I’d like to tell you a short story:

Just a few years ago I sat there with my family around my Dad’s bed in the heart failure clinic; intensely worried for his health and his future.

One-by-one each of my family got up and left the room for a quick break, leaving just me and my Dad alone.

He beckoned me over. I approached feeling nervous, waiting for some small pearl of his wisdom...

“I want to tell you something... Come closer.”

I leant in...

“I want you to know that you’ve always disappointed me!”


My heart sank. I could feel the blood draining from my body. I’d heard similar words from him many times before.

My entire life my father had been critical of everything I’d done.

A sergeant major in the army, he was a strong forceful man, both in character and physically.

I remember as a young boy I had plenty of enthusiasm, however I was fearful of my father and fearful of confrontation. I wouldn’t ever voice my opinion if I thought it might conflict with anyone else’s, and I completely lacked confidence in my social abilities.

But I did have one thing going for me...

I had a deeply enquiring mind, and I knew if I wanted to get anywhere in life, I’d have to get over these social inadequacies. I’d have to build my self-esteem, my self-confidence and my communication skills.

So I started with books and audio recordings; each claiming to be able to give me the cure I wanted.

I quickly moved onto an intensive three week hypnotherapy programme, where I discovered I had an uncanny knack for helping other people get over their problems.

But did it help cure my lack of confidence?

Not really. I did learnt lots of techniques for helping others, and I really enjoyed helping people get empowered and solve their problems. But my own lack of confidence remained.

So I kept at it. Seminar after seminar, programme after programme. Searching for that one elusive technique that would finally solve all my problems.

Eventually a well-known psychologist took me under her wing. She told me she admired my ability to understand and help others, and I became her apprentice for the next four years.

I helped literally hundreds and hundreds of people completely solve their issues.

I seemed to be able to intuitively zoom in on just what that person needed to solve their problems.

Yet my own problems stubbornly remained.

How could this be? I could help others with apparent ease, yet no single technique I’d learnt, or that anyone else had used with me, had much of an effect with my deepest issues.

Finally I decided to take a long deep look inside. Meticulously recording every detail of what I discovered. I looked at all the times that I’d managed to make successful personal changes, and compared with those times where I didn’t seem to make any progress.

Then it jumped right out at me. It wasn’t about applying a special technique to the problem, which to be honest seemed a little like putting a tiny plaster on to a deep fatal wound.

Instead it was about finding a way to neutralise the emotional energy linked to the problem experience.

It was the emotional energy itself that maintained the problem.

As soon as the emotional energy was neutralised, the problem simply disappeared.

I couldn’t believe it. I’d found the key.

I mean Wow! This made everything amazingly simple.

I’d always found it easy working with others, but my own overwhelming feelings made it very difficult to do it for myself.

But now I knew how to do it, from the inside out, and I quickly adapted what I’d discovered to work through each of my issues. What’s more I found the work I did with others had accelerated. I used my discoveries to help others get the results they wanted even faster.

Confidence started flowing through my life.


But here I was now; faced with the most dreadful of situations.

My father, at deaths door had just told me about his personal disappointment.

But I’d had enough. I would no longer allow him to trample over my dreams.

I didn’t say a word. I simply stood up, turned my back on him, and I walked straight out of that hospital, and I didn’t look back.

I have to admit it was difficult not going back over the following days, but there was no way I would let him treat me like that again.

Finally, everything that I’d learnt had clicked into place, and I just kept walking, with confidence.

But what about my Dad?

Well he recovered. Two weeks later he contacted me and called a truce, and actually now we have a great relationship based on mutual respect. If he hadn’t done what he did, then I wouldn’t have stood up to him, and I wouldn’t be doing this right now, so in a funny sort of way, I’m grateful to him.

I just wish I’d stood up to him a lot earlier. My life would have been simpler. I really let my own issues dictate the direction I took for too long.

But I’m not following that road anymore, and now I want to help others change direction too.

I believe my experience gives me an advantage in doing that.

So I have a question for you. You’ve heard my story. You understand where I’m coming from. You know you need to make some changes to your life.

  • So when are you going to take that first small step to overcome your problem?
  • When are you going to take that first small step to start changing direction?
  • When are you going to take that first small step to stand up with confidence and get your voice heard?

Give me a call, and we can take that first small step together...

Call Paul on: (0118) 901 8749

Training, qualifications & experience

With over 20 years experience, I'm a fully qualified hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner, registered with the CNHC, GHR, ANLP and SNS.

I have also studied ericksonian hypnotherapy, time-line therapy, brief therapy, family systems therapy, clean-language therapy, meta states, EFT and EMDR.

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.


I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to help explore your issue and to discover if hypnotherapy can help with your problem.

After we've agreed to meet, I charge £70 per single session, and can offer concessions for prepaid multi-session programmes.

The first session usually lasts for around 90 minutes, so I can get a good understanding of your problem and then begin making the changes needed to give you relief.

Subsequent sessions last for between 60 to 90 minutes.

I also offer a couple of free hypnotherapy recordings available via my website.

Further information

Here's what others have to say:


"I had been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, and was finding it hard to go to work and function normally. My dad said he thought there was an underlying problem because I’d had been similar thoughts and problems throughout my adult life, and I just know for me that there was something deeper going on.

But then I kept thinking, oh, you know I’ve got children and they’ll need something, or I’ll need to spend the money on something else. I don’t know if it’s mothers or what, but I just kept thinking I can’t invest that in myself, but actually of course, if I’m not happy then that’s not good for my kids anyway, so finally it all came to a head and I realised that I had to invest in myself, to get a better quality of life for my children.

After the session I felt like I’d unlocked a secret and there was a sense of freedom and understanding. I think when you understand something it becomes less frightening. It’s like being frightened of something in the cupboard, and then when you open the cupboard, actually the thing you were frightened of was not as bad as you thought, you can cope with it and handle it, and it makes things easier.

Nowadays I feel very positive pretty much all of the time. People can’t believe it, they’re like wow.

I always felt frightened before, like something bad was going to happen, but I just don’t feel like that anymore, I feel like I can handle just about everything. If I do lose a friendship or relationship or something it’s not the end of the world, because life goes on and there’s lots of positive things in life.

So thank you."

Iasha Moore


"I’d always thought I’d be able to stop smoking on my own. But whenever I tried to give up, I just started again. It was about then when I realized I had no will power.

But then a friend of mine suggested hypnotherapy and I decided to explore that option. I was having a look on the internet, just doing a general search, and you were quite close by to where I live. I liked the layout of your website, and how it was all detailed, and so I gave you a call to pursue it further.

I had no expectations of what it was really going to entail, what the object was. But you made me feel at ease straight away, and I just felt very comfortable, and reassured.
You explained everything, there was no pressure to do anything that I didn’t want to do, I knew every step that we were going towards, what it was going to entail, and I felt very good about the whole session.

Once you left I felt really positive, and I felt really good, and the main benefit is that I stopped smoking and with no temptation at all, I didn’t even think about it. It’s given me a little bit of a confidence boost knowing that I can do it, I feel more positive, and I’ve noticed that there’s been more of a spring in my step so to speak.

So yes, I’d absolutely recommend you. I’ve got a friend at the weekend she was asking me loads of questions about it, and I said I’ve got the number if you want to go down that road. I’m definitely spreading the word.
So thank you. It’s brilliant, I still can’t quite get over the fact that I used to stand outside in the rain, and now I’m here, and it’s a whole different me. It’s good.

Thank you so much again Paul. I appreciate it. Thank you."

Natasha Recknell

Eating Chocolate:

"I had a bit of a problem with eating chocolate bars. I’d see a vending machine and just couldn’t stop myself, and probably through a mix of embarrassment, and a feeling that someone else probably wouldn’t be able to help me do something about it, I kept it a secret for years.

After a while I decided to try and get some help. I looked at a couple of websites, and just went with my gut feeling. I don’t want to big you up too much, but I saw your picture, and I thought you looked like a friendly guy. I felt that it was right. You’ve got a friendly face.

Straight away you put me at ease and made me feel that there shouldn’t be any embarrassment attached to that sort of thing.
What I liked the most is that it actually didn’t feel like a lot of effort. It was like all the hard work had already been done, if that makes sense.

After our session, it was a complete success. I just don’t have that urge anymore. It’s not there. And I’m completely free of it now. What I like the most is just having some control back in my life.

So I would absolutely recommend you because it worked for me and I think it could work for other people too."

Lynden Cas

Reading, RG1 2SB

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