Oliver Grantham at MindMatters MNCH (Acc.)

Oliver Grantham at MindMatters MNCH (Acc.)

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Maggs Optics
7 Riverside Arcade
Bridge Street
SA61 2AL

3 Quay Street
Sir Gaerfyrddin
SA31 3JT

01348 872 498 / 07530 93 22 33 (+ sms text 24/7)

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Maggs Optics
7 Riverside Arcade
Bridge Street
SA61 2AL

3 Quay Street
Sir Gaerfyrddin
SA31 3JT

01348 872 498 / 07530 93 22 33 (+ sms text 24/7)

About me

Try Me Before You Buy!

I know that choosing the right therapist is a very important decision to make. So I've introduced a TB4UB offer into my pricing:

£30 for a 1hr in-person session (no further obligation) FULLY REFUNDABLE
against 2 remaining sessions at £150.00 (normally £180.00) - or 2 x £75.00 instalments


£20.00 for a 1hr online session (no further obligation) FULLY REFUNDABLE against 2 remaining sessions at £120.00 (normally £140.00) (or 2 x £60.00 instalments)


£20.00 for a 20-min Personal Hypnosis Download (no further obligation) FULLY REFUNDABLE against 2 remaining sessions (either in-person or online)

Interested? Just ask me for more details

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I host regular podcasts designed to help you.

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My Mission

Is to work with you to help solve life’s problems and bring the changes you want into life, to experience real, tangible results

(whether desired from the inside or arisen from external circumstances), takes time, can be scary, uncertain, difficult and create all kinds of mixed emotions that influence your chances of succeeding in what you want to achieve, so from ‘day one’ right through to celebrating your achievements, supporting and mentoring you all the way throughout the change process.

So, what do I know about problem solving and change?
I spent 20 years in higher education as a law teacher, personal tutor and mentor, working with all kinds of people of all ages with a whole range of personal, academic and career challenges that were holding them back from what they really wanted to achieve in life.

Throughout all this time, I also experienced massive change and shifts in my personal and externally influenced change and I learnt a lot about how to successfully problem-solve and how to properly go about achieving the results both others and myself wanted from their lives – whether those were personal or other problems that they wanted to overcome – and to continue to towards where they wanted to go.

And rather than just the legal training itself, I increasingly became passionate about personal development and I realised that it was helping others through all kinds of personal and external barriers and to help them learn to give themselves the independence , contentment and confidence to succeed in an infinite variety of ways is where I personally wanted to go.

So from 2010, I formalised my skills and experience by becoming a hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, life  coach and mentor and left my higher education career in 2013 to run my personal development business, the most fulfilling part of it for me I think being able to help others change from where they are to where they want to be - achieve true and authentic contentment in their lives.

How I Get Results
My previous professional experience has enabled me to develop and a natural ability to troubleshoot problems and utilise ways of solving them. A thorough and effective intake identifies exactly what it is you want to achieve where at the same time being flexible enough to accommodate change as it happens.

My extensive range and combination of personal development qualifications (e.g. hypnotherapy and mindfulness), combined with my passion for keeping up to date with the most modern techniques and approaches, means I have an 'Infinite Toolkit' of things I can use with just one results-driven aim in mind - to solve the problems you are presently facing in your life situation and to equip you with what you need in order for you to continue to progress.

I am fully qualified and certified in Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Life Coaching and recently been awarded the prestigious advanced hypnotherapist status and of Accredited Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

An overarching approach to support you from the beginning to the end - right from the time you first get in touch with me to the time when you know you've succeeded in what you set out to achieve, I'm there with you when you need me with full phone, email or web support.

I will:

  • Really listen to you
  • Identify and agree what you really want
  • Support you all the way, using all of my skills and experience to help you achieve what you want by using a variety of instant communication tools and regular progress meetings with you
  • Mentor and support you as appropriate~ e.g. motivational talking, talking for change, hypnosis, coaching and mindfulness

Notice - A polite warning about 'Bark'

If you're reading this - then you've done the right thing by doing your own, valid, research (as I believe most people seeking to potentially spend a lot of money in investing in a highly professional personal development service would do).

'Bark' (who are presently very aggressive advertising using Google 'Ads') are purely in the business of trying to make a lot of money by getting tradespeople (and presently, and unfortunately, professionals like myself) to pay for the privilege (typically about £6.00 per query, irrespective of whether you decide to secure that business, or not, with anyone) of obtaining your contact details so we can contact you, and competing with fellow professionals (in most cases, ultimately over quotes/price) for your business.

At the same time, they expressly criticise and patronise you and me, regarding the validity of doing the research yourself on directory sites like this (implying you're too lazy to do it yourself, and actually saying we can't be bothered to return your calls!)

I feel obliged to tell you all this because I make no apologies for saying that it is my paramount priority to maintain my very high professional standards.

I am not in the business of competing with my fellow professionals (in a highly competitive market) in this way - where the nature any professional conversation that you might have with other hypnotherapists might be totally compromised and purely driven by the need to secure the business from you.

If you'd like to speak with me, just call me (irrespective of whether you've registered with Bark, or not) so we can have a purely professional conversation about you.

I'm a highly professional alternative health professional...not a plumber (with all respect to plumbers!)

I am personally taking active steps to ban 'Bark' from being able to tout for business with alternative health (and other) professionals in this way to maintain high standards and, ultimately, to protect your interests.

Training, qualifications & experience

Lawyer, and helping others as a teacher, personal tutor, coach and mentor in academic, professional and career development (20+ years)

Law Degree LL.B (Hons)
Solicitors' Qualification LL.B
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
Accredited Hypnotherapist with the NCH MNCH (Acc.)
Mindfulness Meditation Certificate in Mindfulness Teaching and Practitioner Training UKCMM Cert.

I'm a Hypnotherapist with a difference - I have other qualification and a skills set that embraces and practises a very modern approach, with integrated Mindfulness Teaching & Life Coaching where appropriate. I'm registered with the NCH and proud to have been as recently as January 2017 in recognition of my skills and experience, been promoted and awarded the esteemed Accredited level of membership MNCH (Acc.)

I am also a listed Practitioner and member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, an official Verification Authority for the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

The detail:

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy MNCH (Acc)
  • UK College of Mindfulness Meditation Certificate in Mindfulness Teaching and Practitioner Training
  • Solution Focused Counselling Skills
  • Solution Focused Hypno-Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
  • Practitioner Certificate in NLP Professional Coaching
  • LL.B (Hons)
  • PGCE

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Accelerated LearningExam Nerves & Revision
Educational & Academic Performance (Law Specialism)
Career Advice

Photos & videos

  • STOPTOBER 2016 Special Offer. Save £55.00!
  • Make Stress & Anxiety a thing of the past with hypnosis


In all cases (both in person and online) there is a complementary telephone or onlline session - I'm here to listen and I will do a short self-hypnosis session with you to start you on your path to change - irrespective of whether you decide to continue therapy with me.

Treatments last between 50 mins and 1hr 30 mins

How many sessions each of my individual clients may need is a very difficult question to answer. This can depend on many things, for example, the individual themselves and the nature of their issue or difficulty. Many of my clients feel much better and have their difficulty or issue resolved after only the first session, whereas some may require further sessions. I will advise you of this as treatment continues. And of course, you may stop your treatment with me at any time.

For most sessions, you will also receive a free recording of your actual session that you can securely download from my website, or on a CD if you prefer, for you to use at any time after treatment. An enhanced studio-quality version of your session recording (using the latest commercial software that is used with producing commercially purchased CDs - with music and hypnotic effects) - plus other support audio (using this software), and information and exercises is also available for an extra fee.

Many of my clients have found these the enhanced recording of your session(s) plus the extra techniques, resources and information extremely effective in between their sessions with me - and beyond.

Smoking Cessation

£130 total for twoconsecutive sessions (usually one week apart)

Free CD or download to support you in between sessions and after your treatment

If you have any further questions about treatments or my fees, of course, do not hesitate to contact me.

Published articles

Further information

Just some of my Results:

Stress & Anxiety

I've suffered from stress and anxiety all of my life, longer than I can remember.  It affected everything in my life and my confidence, unable to do things I really wished I could do.  I felt, and was often physically sick at really stressful times and even the doctors didn't know how to stop my stomach pains and sickness.  Oliver has done an amazing thing for me - my stomach upsets and sickness have stopped,  I feel a lot less stressed, able to face every day with renewed confidence.

~ Anna

Weight Management

I chose Oliver through a personal recommendation. I had been considering hypnotherapy for some time, but had been putting it off as I hadn’t wanted to tell anyone what I was eating, or how my compulsive binge eating made me feel. My weight has been an issue for me since my teens.

Oliver was professional, reassuring, and completely non-judgemental. I wasn’t sure before the appointment if I’d be able to admit all of what I put myself through, but the welcoming atmosphere completely took these thoughts from my mind. The hypnotherapy itself was lovely, very relaxing. I felt such a relief that I was now taking control of my problem, and wondered what would happen after the session.

I have lost a dress size and almost a stone, and now that I’m not experiencing any compulsion to over-eat, I have returned to an exercise class I used to go to years ago. I’m just so grateful to the friend that recommended I went to Oliver, and wish I hadn’t put off trying hypnotherapy for so long!

~ Lorna

Accelerated Learning

My son is an intelligent fourteen year old who suffers with severe dyslexia. He had been finding revising for upcoming modules of his GCSE exams unbearable, and would vary between a state of utter denial and abject panic. It became apparent that Ben seemed to have a mental block to commencing his studying, and none of the techniques we had employed seem to get over this. It was at this point that I decided to try hypnotherapy, and carefully selected Oliver as he had a background in education, and as Ben was just 14, I wanted someone I could trust. I was aware that sessions would possibly be on a one-to-one basis, and I wanted to be as certain as possible that this would help my son. I needn’t have worried!

There was an immediate decrease in his levels of tension...and the renewed optimism was obvious...he really knuckled down and spent over three hours at a time tackling a subject

The second session was so enjoyable for Ben that he actually fell asleep- something that reassured me just how relaxed he was in the sessions with Oliver! At home, the improvements continued, and it became clear just how much this had been affecting other aspects of home and school life. Ben was eating better, seemed much more confident in general, and gradually no longer needed to listen to the recording prepared for him by Oliver.

After the initial session (which Ben absolutely loved), there was an immediate decrease in his levels of tension. I put this down, in part, to the simple fact that we were ‘doing something’ about the issue, and the renewed optimism was obvious.

Ben still seemed a little hesitant to get his books out, but once he had done so, he really knuckled down and spent over three hours at a time tackling a subject, something we had not seen before! Ben used the hypnotherapy recording before he went to sleep each night, and found this to be a great help in between the sessions.

Within a week, Ben had become quite self-motivated, suddenly seeming quite ‘tuned-in’ to the amount of work he needed to cover. The time spent at his desk had become productive. A remarkable change, and quite a relief!

Quite unexpectedly his predicted grades of C/D produced actual results of As and Bs!

The second session was so enjoyable for Ben that he actually fell asleep- something that reassured me just how relaxed he was in the sessions with Oliver! At home, the improvements continued, and it became clear just how much this had been affecting other aspects of home and school life. Ben was eating better, seemed much more confident in general, and gradually no longer needed to listen to the recording prepared for him by Oliver.

Ben still has a normal amount of anxiety about the exams he is yet to sit, but this seems proportionate. And if I feel he is slipping again, I know exactly who to turn to!

I would like to extend our thanks to Oliver, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for hypnotherapy.

~ Cathy

Weight Management

I consulted Oliver following a recommendation.  I wanted to lose a bit of weight so I could feel more healthy in myself and keep up with my teenage daughters on cycle rides and the like.  I'm very partial to biscuits and chocolates.  As well as hypnosis, Oliver taught me a couple of techniques to avoid the temptations of the biscuits and chocolates.  A couple of weeks on and I have already lost over 4lb in weight and taken really active steps to continue losing it.  Thank you, Oliver.

~ Lucy

Haverfordwest, SA61 2AL
Carmarthen, SA31 3JT

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


In Haverforwest (Maggs) ~ Fishguard (Ivybridge Spa) ~ Carmarthen (3 Quay St.). Flexible. Includes weekends. Online/Skype sessions also available (at a fee rate lower than 1:1 sessions)

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