Nigel Meakin DABCH MCAHyp. Advanced Hypnotherapist & Mind Coach

Nigel Meakin DABCH MCAHyp. Advanced Hypnotherapist & Mind Coach

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Congleton Complementary & Alternative Medical Centre
Suite 7
9 West Street
CW12 1JN

Tealstone Therapy Rooms
55a Beam Street

07975 962740

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Congleton Complementary & Alternative Medical Centre
Suite 7
9 West Street
CW12 1JN

Tealstone Therapy Rooms
55a Beam Street

07975 962740

About me

Any clients, Symptoms, Limitations/Issues/Blocks/Life problems that walk through my door, are Not Intellectual:
Have you noticed however much you understand or talk about the issue or the information you have on it, it does not go away? That's why! - It is a Feeling/Emotion or Process that limits, blocks or stop us making us stuck and for that to change we need a very different set of tools, we are not taught how to shift that with our conscious mind... Did you know 90% of any physical pain has an emotional base and can be eliminated and vastly reduced...

Every client that has seen me, came with a feeling, an emotion or process they wanted gone, as they had already tried all the other routes and even other therapists, done counselling or CBT, sounds familiar yes!
It was limiting them, their life or even blocking them in different ways from moving forward they felt stuck. These processes (recordings if you like), are built by your nervous system along the way with your 5 senses at the time of the underlying life events/process we have gone through, picked up or experienced either consciously or pre-consciously. We even build them from future expectation of what may happen, when we think about it, or even are not thinking about it and that issue starts. Sounds common right...

I am an Emotional change, De-Stress and Process Change specialist, with vast experience having helped many clients overcome these life issues.
I clear issues very quickly utilizing your nervous system and 5 senses where the recordings are held. Over the years I have amalgamated a powerful blend of therapy modalities which are proven by neuroscience today and work very effectively and fast, even shifting the most arduous of issues we face today even things such as PTSD stress/anxiety/fear/phobias/depression/compulsions etc. Removing blocks and limits in life, helping you to be you again quicker, a better you.

I have helped many every day people overcome privately their issues and change fast, personal issues/ blocks, sport issues and business issues, Psychological, Emotional or even Physical.
It does not matter who comes to see me, private, sport, or business, they all work with the same system, your nervous system and the 5 senses.

Our methods are tried & tested Since 1985 and have helped 1000's overcome life issues.

I am a member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (CAH) Est. 1986. My Insurance ref is HIS 38670. My progressive approach and leading style of Advanced Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching and other powerful therapy modalities are dynamic in nature and are life changing for many.

I am highly trained in many therapy modalities. You will learn powerful fast techniques to apply yourself to override and combat any day to day stress going forward as well as direct work with me to unload/eradicate the nervous system of the emotions/stress/trauma and things limiting you from your past and your thought processes, right now.

What I do and practice does not require any kind of belief just ACTION, ADSORPTION, FOCUS and FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS, THATS IT... I will show you how and help to do just that, so call me and you have made that all important start to change.

My clients notice a marked difference in just the 1st Session. On average clients who have seen me are usually sorted in 2 sessions or less
, I don't really need anymore than 3 sessions for even the most arduous things nowadays.

I only do as many sessions as necessary & no more.

I get results and what I do works... I don't waste my time or yours...

Call me 07975-962740 : Free Initial Phone Consultation before booking any sessions 5 to 10 mins, leave me a brief message or text, I will call you back, as I may be in session with clients.

I regularly help NHS Nurses & Doctors stay healthy, overcome stress/trauma, also Emergency Service Personnel and Armed Forces.

I don't have a magic wand, however many of my clients say, what they experience is as close to magic as you can get. You see I work with how you actually work, how those emotional states you experience have been recorded into your nervous system, and because I know how they got there and are installed, I have learnt, how to unwind them, using various easy methods, just like an anti-virus software on a computer. The mind is simple and just makes connections, sometimes the wrong ones. Just like piking up a bag, we pick up baggage throughout life that effects us eventually over time or becomes heavy and uncomfortable very quickly, I show your nervous system how to drop the bag and baggage of the mind and body.

If you are ready for change, I will help you change, as I have with many of my clients before you...

I am full time and based at Centres in Congleton & Nantwich, plus Skype sessions helping people Worldwide as well as Company Group Courses and Private Workshops.
I would like to show you how I can help you... I cover many areas that trouble and limit peoples life, helping them change fast. People come to me with that feeling or thing they want to get rid of and overcome, some know what it is, some don't, either way they can't seem to get past it themselves, so with my unique mind techniques and practical tools together we sort that out and change that for you.

Like many before you, I will show you how to overcome & remove things such as :
Stress/Anxiety/Depression, Unwanted states of mind, Resetting Emotional States, Weight-Loss, Compulsions,Breaking Limiting Beliefs, Fears/Phobias, Sport Performance, PTSD, Hypnobirthing.
+ Lots More JUST ASK ME.

To help you I don't need your life story and what you had for breakfast.
Sessions can be done Content Free if you wish. The work I do treats and helps many people quickly both physically, emotionally and psychologically. Do make the right choice first time. You will just become aware of whats holding you back, I don't need to know, if you don't want me to...

You're subconscious mind drives the bus with issues that bother you, not you're conscious mind. Automatic things we take for granted every single day of our lives. Driving, reading a book and being engrossed in a film are just some of the natural hypnosis states you all experience hundreds of times a day, hypnosis is a normal and natural channel of communication to the mind.

Firstly - Very Important : Finding the right hypnotherapist who has correct practical tools and methods is vital for any change to happen for any client.
Good hypnotherapy today is used widely and that's what we have, a pedigree in therapy that works and has been for over 30 years. Its used now by everyday people as well as top sports, business & celebrities, bringing health and healing back to both body and mind, its life changing to many.

Note : If a therapist can't find and sort the root connection of the issues limiting you or does not know how to deal with them, then your subconscious mind will still be the driving force behind what's bothering / affecting you, no matter how much your conscious mind may know about or have read about the presenting issue and/or why you are doing things.
Any problems are not intellectual in nature, all driving forces are emotional connections your mind has made and they are installed mostly with the subconscious part of your mind and run under the surface without your awareness, they are not installed with the conscious part of your thinking and reasoning mind, but by your 5 senses and linked emotionally to the emotional event in life positively or negatively.

The root emotional connection is what needs addressing and is the sole driving force behind any habit / behavior and (believe it or not) in most physical ailments in life that affect us, as everything in life is attached to it, both physically and mentally, these are just processes we all learn through life and some go into a different gear or many out of our control.

Some people may know why they are doing things, the majority don't, however they can't seem to stop, I have helped many people overcome these loops and processes of the mind that have become automatic and hard to change and unlock the driving force keeping them in place or returning to the same problems.

We come into this life with nothing... We learn every single thing we do, right or wrongly...
Therefore its a process you have learnt and can't stop consciously with your mind which has changed your state of mind and body reactions / connections to things in life, which then hold you back.
So, as you learn absolutely everything in life (most of it via your subconscious mind without knowing), therefore, you can update it.

There is a way of connecting with the right channel to change, even for the most dramatic deep seated or even silly issues and limitations we have or seem to believe we are stuck with.

Unlike many, the way I do therapy is simple and easy to follow, it is exactly how your subconscious mind operates and connects/unlocks these emotional connections processed to the body and mind that are running below the surface of awareness that we just can't seem to stop.
You may have noticed no matter how much will power and understanding we throw at things they just won't change or even return again down the line. The mind is very very simple it just makes connections, so therefore change is simple, its just knowing how they connect, I can show you how and teach you how to overcome them and help you so they do not return.

Good Hypnotherapy that works with you're sub-conscious mind is not intellectual in nature.
The sub-conscious mind always works via emotional connections its made over time, not intellectual ones. The only way to unlock the driving force behind an issue is with the subconscious part of the mind, and the only therapy to unlock that, is Advanced Hypnotherapy, a dynamic way of accessing the R.E.M. state of sleep (the subconscious part of the mind) whilst you are awake, yes awake, via a comforting altered state of mind and body relaxation. Your not asleep (or under as some would say) and yes totally aware. So the good news is, we have great lasting success with clients, especially where many have failed in other therapy disciplines. So do choose wisely.

Our Sessions - Most clients may only need 3 sessions or less for lasting change to start and/or complete
and all sessions are individually tailored to the client, we have great results with permanent lasting client change happening for many from 3 sessions on-wards. No faffing around. I won't do more sessions than is necessary, some people are done in two sessions, average is 3 to 4 session to complete. We help you sort the root connection to the issue others struggle to find. Change can be fast for most, allowing you to be you again and move forward with your life...

Many hypnotherapists don't have the right tools to help the client, this is the sole underlying reason why many do not last or have an effect. Many have no practical tools / experience in how to find or sort the root cause in hypnosis (Relaxation), deal with the emotional connection the mind has made or know how to help the client re-associate the relationships the mind has made, therefore having the right practical tools, methods and training is vital.

We talk to you're subconscious mind in hypnosis, just like a normal conversation and we don't talk at you, which is where most therapists go wrong, you're totally aware and in full control at all times.

The mind is very simple in nature and so for things to change is too quite simple, its very much like rebooting / updating a computer for it to run differently, therefore, find the root emotional connection, re-associate (update), then a different outcome and association for the individual is made, it is that simple, its just knowing how...

People today suffer in general for no reason, as they only find hypnotherapy as a last resort either from their doctor or a suggestion from a friend, due to other medical routes failing and not addressing the root cause earlier on, meaning they have suffered over time unnecessarily both mentally and physically.

The difference is we understand how the mind / body connection works and have the right unique methods & practical tools to help and can help you... That is, If you really want to be helped!

We will get right to the root cause quickly and help you update what ever it is that's needed. No faffing around with lengthy wordy sessions, what we have works fast and is dynamic. So strait to the point and we can even teach you how to use it as a tool to aid and better your life in many areas as part of the therapy sessions. So we also give you tools for life to cater with anything from good rest, to pain control and also help with life in general, getting you back on track quick and being the best you can be.

Hypnohealing We are also highly trained in Hypnohealing a practice to cater for the physical side of things also and help with speedy recovery from many things, so we can deal with both mind and body. Physio practitioners dentists and doctors / surgical procedures today all benefit from this widely used method. So give us a call and get in contact, as many of the things we can help with will surprise you.

Once again call me 07975 962740 for more info and we can have a preliminary chat for up to 10 minutes FREE. Leave a short message or text and I will call you back, after / in-between my client sessions.

We look forward to being of service and helping you.

Training, qualifications & experience

The Atkinson-Ball Standard Est. 1985.
Having trained in the Atkinson-Ball method some years ago now, the origin of the effective advanced hypnotherapy style stems back to 1949 from Dave Elman and we are undiluted / very close to the root source and essence of hypnotherapy beginnings. Therefore we have pedigree and advancement over others in our style and effectiveness. This is through the experience derived by each generation of hypnotherapists with particularly thanks to the founder the late Bill Atkinson-Ball who passed away in 1992. He made it his life's work to pass on the Elman style adding his own elegant tools we now use today and continue to advance, making our hypnotherapists the very top in the UK and most revered overseas too, due to our strict unchanged style and results. The Atkinson-Ball Standard was founded in 1985 and we are members of The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (CAH) Est 1986.

Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (CAH) Est. 1986.
The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy constitutes a nation-wide register of hypnotherapists, who are all highly trained and some on a post graduate basis, which enables them to work with nervous, emotional and psychosomatic problems and many other areas.

The Corporation has its roots going back nearly 30 years and the techniques used by its therapists have been and are developing ever more, using the most modern methods learned in this country and in the United States.

The Atkinson-Ball College of Advanced Hypnotherapy is also an Associate member of the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO), click link for more info UKCHO.

Training / Insurance
All members of the Corporation have received advanced training at the Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing and NLP, they are all fully insured. My Insurance ref is HIS 38670

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Please call us and discuss with us anything else you need help with, as we normally can help with much, much more...

We are also highly trained in Hypnohealing a practice to cater for the physical side of things also and help with speedy recovery from many things. Chat to us to find out more...

Sports Visualisation and Performance Clinic
This is so valuable if you are into sport or need to increase your performance and be the best you can be to overcome any and most life obstacles hindering this area, we also deliver through the programme hypnohealing above to aid many if injury has been a culprit and to assist any physio to get you back on track quicker than normal.

I run courses for self-hypnosis and well-being classes for both private and corporate.

Life & Mind Coaching
We run life coaching programmes for individuals or teams for either private or corporate. These are tailored to meet individual needs so call us for a FREE consultation.

I do FREE talks for doctors, or companies / organisations and can give sound help to structure health in the workplace courses for managers and employees.


FREE Initial Phone Consultation before booking any sessions up to 10 minutes.
Call or text 07975 962740 leave a short message, I will call you back.


Full Advanced Therapy Sessions 90 Minutes (1.5hrs each)
Adult:                                     £95.00 per session.
Pensioner                               £70.00 per session.
Child Rate: 8 to 16 years       £65.00 per session.
Student-Low Income Benefit £60.00 per session.*
(*)If you are a student or on low income benefits, proof will be required.

FAST Results - Smoking Cessation & System De-Stress Therapy  £300.00
(1 Session 2hrs for smoking/e-cigs or other related + Recording & follow up plan).
Call me to see if you qualify for the quit programme...

20 per Day Habit
2017 Average cost 20 cigarettes UK £8.50p:

Therefore Weekly £59.50
Therefore £263.50 (31 days)
Therefore Yearly £3,162
+++ What cost is your health to you?

Weight Loss & System De-Stress Therapy
(3 Tailored Sessions & Recordings - 90 minutes each + follow up plan).

I regularly help Armed Forces & Emergency Services, Nurses & Doctors.*
£ASK for Discount Special rate per session (Full Therapy).

Book as Adhoc FAST De-Stress Sessions or a block of sessions or a monthly/bi-monthly clear-out session.
: [These sessions are a unique fusion of therapy modalities and has helped many of my clients immensely to unload life's ongoing daily stress bucket, (Content-Free) getting them back to normal. For full Advanced Hypnotherapy sessions see above.]

% Discount also available for block bookings of 2, 3 or 4 Sessions(full therapy only).

Note (88% of clients are done in 2 sessions)

This is done either before the session starts or at the end of the session and can be done via Cash or Card or Paypal with the therapist.

Further information

Here is a range of common things we can help with...
Anger, Addictions, Agoraphobia, Accident proneness, Alcoholism, Allergies, Amnesia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bed-wetting, Blushing, Car Sickness, Childbirth, Claustrophobia, Compulsions, Confidence, Depression, Dentist, Driving Test, Driving, Eczema, Exam Nerves, Eating Disorders, Failure syndrome, Flying, Fears, Frustration, Gambling, Guilt, Habits, Hay fever, Headaches, High blood pressure, Hypno-gastric band, Hysterical paralysis, Impotence, Indecisiveness, Insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Indigestion, Inhibitions, Learning difficulties, Marital problems, Menstrual Disorders, ME/CFS, Memory, Migraine, Nail biting, Nervous symptoms, Neurosis, Nightmares, Over-eating, Pain Control, Panic attacks, Panic, Performance, Phobias, Premature ejaculation, Problems conceiving, Psoriasis, PTSD, Public speaking, Rejection Feelings, Sales Performance, Self-consciousness, Sexual problems, Shyness, Smoking, Sport performance, Sport Ability, Stage fright, Stammering, Stress, Tension, Timidity, Tremors, Twitching, Ulcers, Warts, Weight etc.

Plus many more...

Congleton, CW12 1JN
Nantwich, CW5 5NF

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: Communicating with the Pre-Conscious Mind/Body system.


Weekdays 10:00 to 9:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 to 5:00 PM or via Skype Sessions ask for further info, I do also travel and can see you at other centres, or even your home if needed / agreeable.

We love feedback