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Nia Foye MSc BSc (Hons) Psychology DHP MAPHP (Acc) GHR



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020 3857 4807

About me

A warm welcome,

Via Skype or in-person, I bring a steady, soothing energy and 10 years' experience helping women who have been on the emotional roller coaster of getting excited, inspired, and motivated to start a new nutrition plan, diet, or exercise regime only to quit two weeks later.

Then, when the diet plan fails, you shame yourself with thoughts like:

  • I should be stronger
  • I’m so lazy
  • This plan works for everyone else but not for me. I’m faulty.

As women who are in charge of so much, we blame ourselves for not being able to lose stubborn weight. But that’s not all!

We also add guilt on top of the shame with thoughts like:

  • I shouldn’t care so much about my weight.
  • I’m being vain.
  • There are more important things in life.
  • I should let this go as it’s clearly not meant to be. I’ve tried everything.

These negative thought patterns are the reason that diets don’t work: they don’t address the underlying subconscious thoughts that are keeping you stuck.

Diets assume that humans act rationally like robots. When you inevitably fall off the wagon (because everyone does), you try to “think your way” back on track.

As a clinical hypnotherapist with a background in psychology and research
, I know why diets don't work for everyone and having supported so many women as they leave their frustrations and limiting beliefs behind, I could help you now.

Using my creative and intuitive approach, I help women achieve their most greatest desires at some of the most important moments of their lives.

If your relationship with your body has been full of regret, deprivation, comparisons, and worries that you’re doing things wrong, it’s time to do something different.

You can leverage the power of your subconscious to change your habits (and the way you feel) with hypnosis.

The benefits to this work are incredible. You can:

  • Wake up each morning feeling better, more confident, more energized, and happier than the day before.
  • Feel super confident and comfortable in your own skin. In addition to losing weight, you’ll start to love the body that you’re in (which actually helps weight loss. Body shaming keeps the pounds where they are).
  • Begin to crave exercise and naturally get more active again with your favorite activities.
  • Have more fun with your family, pursue that new job or promotion, and live a more active lifestyle without letting weight be an obstacle.
  • LOVE what you see when you look in the mirror.

Imagine looking in the mirror in the morning and thinking, “Wow, it’s so good to be me!”

In just 8 weeks I’ll teach you how to feel more confident and comfortable in your body. You’ll discover the 9 principles of having a healthier relationship with your body. These principles will empower you to manifest your deepest desires for your relationship with your body.

Release the regret that has you finishing up the whole packet of chocolate rather than just savoring a single piece. Achieve your ideal weight. And really enjoy exercise again.

Every two weeks, we'll meet for a session so you can:

  • Release that conflicting voice in your head that can powerfully lead you astray to eat the whole packet, large portions or late at night.
  • Supercharge your ability to go-get a more active body so you can make use of that gym membership, nearby dance studio, running again, or whatever you’ve chosen.
  • Put your cravings on blast and gain better control of your food choices.
  • Receive quick and handy audio recordings to play when you feel you want the extra support, ready to support you at a moment’s notice.
  • Reinforce your decision to manifest a healthier relationship with your body, food, and exercise so when triggers are experienced in the future you could better stay on track
  • Sit back and be guided through a calming and meditative relaxation and subconscious mind activator.

"Working with Nia is an amazing experience. Really helped me relax and focus on my body’s signals. I would highly recommend working with Nia, Thanks so much, Nia!"

If you're ready to stop the creation of new regrets and start the enjoyment of your life and a healthier relationship with your body -- Call me now and tell me all about your goals and ask how I could help you. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

We use hypnosis because it’s an incredible tool for self-improvement. In fact, you go through the state of hypnosis every day when you fall asleep.

Hypnosis is the state in between being awake and being asleep.

And hypnosis works even if you don’t fall into a state of hypnosis.

The hypnosis experience in these sessions are wonderful guided meditations and visualisations.

This isn’t any old hypnosis! Every single one of these hypnotic experiences in this programme have been created specifically with a happier and healthier body in mind.

The state of hypnosis is something you’ve already experienced when you’ve gotten caught up in the excitement of an action film or been so involved with an activity that you lost track of time.

When you are hypnotised:

  • You are not asleep and it is natural and drug free
  • It is similar to meditation
  • You are aware of what is happening at all times
  • You can leave the hypnotic state at any time and can hear and talk as usual
  • You cannot ‘get stuck’ in hypnosis
  • You are in complete control of yourself
  • Hypnosis is different to amnesia

Plus, I’ll be here every step of the way to guide you through and answer any questions.

All that matters is that you don’t bring any expectations of how hypnosis is supposed to work.

In fact, the stronger your mind and the more of a “thinker” you are, the better these hypnosis and meditation strategies tend to work (even if you don’t fall into a state of hypnosis). This is because strong, stubborn personalities tend to do things their way.

This work is designed for women who consider themselves over-thinkers with complex inner lives.

  • You’re ready for a healthier relationship with your body.
  • You want control over your eating to not have to finish your plate at every meal.
  • You’re ready to get back into running, swimming or exercise after not participating for a while due to surgery or discomfort.
  • You want to be an even better version of your old self before you put on the weight.
  • You’re worried about bingeing around your children and/or grandchildren.
  • You’re ready to break up with diets for good.

Do you think you’re too much of an over-thinker for hypnosis?

If so, you might resonate with some of the following fears + desires:

  • You worry that your relationship with your body will grow worse in the future.
  • You aspire to have fewer regrets in your relationship with your body as you get older.
  • You fear wasting your life.
  • You don’t want someone telling you what to eat.

The thing is, the more “complex” you are, the better hypnosis works. Here’s why:

Hypnosis accesses your subconscious mind to help a complex, analytical mind to create deeper connections with all of the input that you have on a daily basis.

Hypnosis allows you to relax and listen to your intuition and stop overthinking and overanalyzing the things going on around you. The more you tend to be “in your head”, the more potential there is for your subconscious mind to be able to work magic for you.

If you’ve already spent years trying to “think” your way into exercise and healthy eating to no avail, hypnosis can help you to stop thinking and start doing.

Call me now and tell me all about your goals and ask how I could help you. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Become the person whose weight, size, and shape won’t prevent you from enjoying the things you love. Be free to go to your favourite museums and art galleries and travel abroad confidently.


How many sessions?
4 sessions within 8 weeks

You’ve told me what’s included in the sessions. So what’s not involved?

Great question! Here’s the list of what’s NOT INVOLVED in our work:

  • A diet.
  • Needles.
  • Injections.
  • Physical surgery.
  • Scars on body.
  • A stay in hospital.
  • Instructions not to eat before surgery.
  • A prescribed meal plan to recover from surgery, possibly baby food in consistency.
  • Negativity about your shape, size, weight and appearance.
  • Counting calories.
  • A need to avoid restaurants and parties due to stress over a restrictive diet.
  • Worrying family with surgery and recovery.
  • Medical advice – but seek your doctor’s approval first if you wish.

Call me now and tell me all about your goals and ask how I could help you. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • MSc Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • Certified Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Trained in hypnobirthing
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
  • Diploma (Advanced) in Hypnoanalysis
  • Diploma in Psycho-sexual Dysfunction Issues

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