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About me

How can I help you?

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?... Are you fed up of yo-yo dieting, feeling hungry and tired, or have you reached a plateau?... Are you confused by the latest dieting fads, or have you wasted a lot of money on supplements, dietary aides and systems?

Do you want to give up smoking and nicotine for good and enjoy feeling healthier and wealthier?

You may be experiencing powerful feelings - for example, you may be feeling low, depressed, angry, anxious, lack confidence/self-esteem, ashamed or jealous? This could be in response to something that's happened or may have come out the blue.

Perhaps something is bothering you and you want to talk it through with someone skilled, and non-judgmental in a safe and respectful environment?

Maybe you want to explore how your patterns of thinking, relating, feeling and behaving might be limiting you?

Do you ever have the feeling that you are unfulfilled, that some aspect of you is missing or has become misdirected? Has tragedy changed the meaning of your life, and now you are looking for a way to navigate through this new world? Do you have a desire to reach some normality again?

Are you are approaching a new stage in your life and want to explore what it means and how best to approach it?

Maybe something has happened that's shaken up your world, and you need to adjust. Or perhaps you have decided you want to make changes. In either case, this can be a pivotal time in your life. It's a sign that it's time to step back and take a real look at your real needs.

A period of reflection, supported by a caring and insightful therapist, is an investment in your future life satisfaction and wellbeing.

I am experienced and fully qualified to sensitively integrate hypnotherapy into the safe and nurturing relationship of counselling and coaching. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to elicit growth through developing potential. It can free you from destructive patterns of thought, habitual behaviours, ease stress, promote health and healing, and assist you in achieving your goals.

What is hypnotherapy?

If you have ever daydreamed or become so engrossed in a book that time seems to have flown by; if you have felt sleepy during a car or train journey - then you have experienced a trance state.

The experience of hypnosis is similar: neither asleep nor awake and a little like daydreaming, with a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation behind it all. While you achieve this state of mind I will help you to focus your attention to the issue you want resolving - and enable your mind to create new pathways to help you achieve what you want - and all this whilst feeling totally calm and relaxed, and in total control.

It is a fact that no-one can be hypnotised against their will and even when hypnotised, a person can still reject any suggestion. Thus therapeutic hypnotherapy is a state of purposeful co-operation.

Hypnotherapy is an entirely safe, drug-free therapy, so there are no harmful side effects. Under hypnosis, your body and mind can relax deeply. Some people use their hypnotherapy sessions purely as a way of relaxing - a little like going for a massage or doing a yoga session. Using hypnosis to calm your chattering mind can be extremely relaxing – and the effects can be long lasting.

How many treatments will I need?

This is variable. Most people require a course of between 2 and 6 treatments. If you have had symptoms for a number of years, you may require treatment over several months. Habit breaking and help with stop smoking have specific treatment protocols. During your initial meeting with me I will be able to give you an indication of the number of treatments you may require.

Sessions are likely to last between 1-2 hours. You will experience the calm and relaxing state of hypnosis as you move towards a long-lasting solution to your difficulty.

A snapshot of conditions I have treated:

  • Weight Management
  • Confidence and Self Esteem building
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • General Aches and Pain Control
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Pregnancy and Labour pain and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Exam Nerves
  • Habits and Addictions
  • Smoking/ Vaping Cessation
  • Stress and Relaxation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Personal Development
  • Eczema and Skin Rashes
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Calming the chattering mind

Many debilitating problems, fears and addictions arise from underlying feelings of anxiety which haunt and needlessly restrict you. Hypnotherapy can help you to alter deep rooted negative thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings.

Of course, your own wish to be helped is a very important factor. Do you really want, and can you imagine, a life free from the restrictions or fears currently limiting you?

I offer an initial free no obligation consultation where we will work out what issues or problems you have and a treatment. The treatment programme will focus on getting lasting results in as little time as possible. I will be able to quickly tell you whether or not I think hypnotherapy will achieve the results you would like. You will leave the consultation knowing how many treatments will be needed, total cost and whether hypnotherapy can work for you. You should also feel relaxed, acknowledged and listened to. We will immediately start to focus on your issue and explore solutions.

Contact me to arrange an initial free consultation and we can explore how hypnotherapy can help you.

Training, qualifications & experience

I’m Kitty Schwichiski, a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Coach practising in and around Belper, Derby and Nottingham. I also work online for your convenience.

I have worked in wellbeing and mental health for three decades, within the NHS, for Derbyshire County Council and privately. I have helped individuals with grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem weight problems and more. I have regularly undergone continuing professional development to keep my skills and qualifications up to date, therefore I am trained and experienced in a range of therapeutic approaches. I do not believe in a one size fits all approach, therefore I will work sensitively with you to uncover and solve problems at their root. I can help you to resolve a wide range of problems and concerns that might be affecting your ability to live a full and enjoyable life, helping you achieve a new sense of well-being and inner calm, in a natural and healthy way.

I have experienced life's ups and downs, from early trauma, caring for a child with special needs, relationship breakdown, to being out of work, and having to start again in mid-life. At times, I have undergone hypnotherapy and coaching which I've always found to be a trans-formative experience, and it was my own experience of therapy that led me to train as a therapist. Therefore I understand it can be hard to reach out and daunting to ask for therapy. That is why I offer completely non-judgmental support in an empathic and sensitive way. Please reach out, I look forward to helping you meet your needs and offer a no-obligation free 1st session.

I am a full member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the CNHC which was set up with government support to protect the public by providing a UK voluntary register of complementary therapists. CNHC's register has been approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. The GHSC is dedicated to the professional and ethical use of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy techniques for the treatment of Psychological problems and worries.

I am fully insured and I also undergo regular supervision to ensure that I am working safely and ethically.

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

I specialize in

  • Weight loss
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma and PTSD


Free initial consultation
£50.00 per session thereafter

Further information

Kitty Schwichiski BA (hons)
Mindworks Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Diploma
Treat Depression Fast Diploma
HNC Healing Arts
Yoga Teacher Diploma
Sports Therapist
Certificate in Diet and Nutrition

Belper, DE56
Nottingham, NG7

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Daytime appointments: 10:30 am - 5pm Evening appointments between 6pm- 8:30pm Weekend appointments always available from noon to 6pm. Also available online through secure site

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