Kali Fraser GQHP, MLPTA, Dip. Hyp, Dip SRT, Dip. PLT, Dip. Ayur, Dip. NLP, EMDR

Kali Fraser GQHP, MLPTA, Dip. Hyp, Dip SRT, Dip. PLT, Dip. Ayur, Dip. NLP, EMDR


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07723 056759

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Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Psychologist Kali Fraser specialises in a number of areas: Regression, Inner Child Therapy, Past Life Regression, Life In-Between Lives, Progression, Future Lives - ANXIETY, PANIC, FEAR, STRESS, POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD), NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, BEREAVEMENT THERAPY, POST ABDUCTION SYNDROME (PAS), MENOPAUSE, FERTILITY, WEIGHT LOSS, STOPPING SMOKING and more...

At Maya Hypnosis, ones greatest weakness has the possibility to become ones greatest strength, established in 2004.

Maya Hypnosis has provided civilians, armed forces and Veterans with resolution to deeply-held shock and terror by bringing one back to a sense of an integrated self. Trauma disconnects you from your own internal sense of security, the sooner you can get it back, the better you will feel. Trauma not dealt with turns Emotions into triggers.

Maya Hypnosis works with Right Brainers and Emotional intelligence which allows self to heal, grow and automatically educates self to know what you're feeling, what your emotions mean. When you have these qualities and you understand them, you have the ability to work well with self and others, and will be effective in leading change.

Kali takes clients into a somnambulistic state; a hypnotic state of conscious sleep that accesses the deepest recesses of the unconscious/subconscious mind, often called the 'Universe Within', this is an area off limits to most therapists. You are given the ability to look at your souls at a deep level and gain an understanding not only of our self but of life. When we come to understand our souls we understand how to make changes that last.

Using Hypnosis to aid the Regression, we can allow the subconscious mind to travel back to when a certain behaviour, emotional pattern or physical aliment started and work on the root cause of the problem. Just as we can let the mind travel backwards with regression, we can let it travel forward with Progression. This all works on the principal that time is not linear. The past and the future is all happening now in the present.

Past life regression is especially helpful with health issues as it can help ‘heal’ the past events and make conditions easier to heal in the present. Past life regression can also show and heal the client’s repetitive behaviour, dis-ease, dis-order, fear, panic, anxiety, frustration, unexplained pain, struggle, dreams, and many other life attributes. It’s a Soul Science that makes you understand and resolve the root cause of all self-created problems through your own experience

Life between lives is an expansion of Past Life Regression where one connects to their immortal soul self. Past Life Regression deals with the time spent in body on this planet but Life between Lives deals with the time spent out of body. This gives clients a whole other perspective on life, love and the universe. This is where the real learning and reflection is done.

Globalization, material abundance and sophisticated technology have forced us into a new age - The Age of Heart and Art.

Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Past Life Therapy
Diploma in Spirit/Entity Releasing Therapy
Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Diploma in Ayurveda (science and wisdom of life)
EMDR training Certificate
Reiki Certificates

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Understandings, Solutions, Methods, Balance, Creativity, Right Left Brain Integration and Education, the gift of Dyslexia, Focus, Intuition, ESP, Lucid Dreaming, Anxiety, Fear, Panic, Trauma, PTSD, PAS, SAD, PCOS, Life Love & Death Coaching, Menopause, Weight Loss, Fertility, Stopping smoking, Entity Release, Removal of Negative Blocks/Energies, Relationships, Rape, Bullying, Abuse, Discrimination, Confidence and unexplained physical pains or mental dis-order/dis-comfort/dis-ease.


Sessions at Maya Hypnosis are designed to tackle a multitude of problems (at the same time) at the deepest level to resolve things in the shortest possible time for the client. For these reasons we begin our works in 2-3 hour sessions;

2-3 hour session £160. Expect an experience to remember.

In many cases, one session is all clients need, but for those with layered traumas/experiences or whom need to look at things at a deeper level or wish to progress their spiritual awarness and goals, session costs are reduced to a more comfortable rate.

Smoking Cessation £120. (if in the unusual case you do not succeed first time you are backed up with a free session to find out why).

Weight loss is often a side effect when one returns back to wholeness (if body is out of balance), one usually finds results in less than a 1 month. Weight loss as a specific issue, and is charged depending on the results you would like to achieve and your time frame. Please contact for details.

Further information

Ultimate Truth and deliverance from suffering is accesible to all who are willing to cut through the illusions. Maya Hypnosis is a door, not an escape.

As you begin to view your soul's history, your identity in this particular body - the "I" – will become insignificant. Have you ever wished that you could FEEL your connection to the universe rather than just visualize it? Now is the time.

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