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James Wood

Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes

07936 621241

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DEC 1st 2017 - JAN 31st 2018

(Promo code offer 'NOSMOKE89' / 'NOWEIGHT139')
RRP - Smoking cessation - £149 / Weight Loss - £199

Hi, and thanks for finding my profile

I'm James Wood; a trained, accredited and insured Hypnotherapist with counseling skills specializing in stress and anxieties as well as mindfulness guidance counselling.

I assist many individuals in overcoming a variety of issues causing obstacles for true progression such as any of the following;

  • Stress and Anxieties
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Weight reduction (package)
  • Smoking cessation (One session)
  • Habits
  • Pain relief
  • Self esteem and self confidence
  • Test/Speech/Exam nerves

I work on a wide range of subconscious based issues and belief systems and seek to help you as an individual in overcoming your habits and non-serving thought patterns in order to remind you of your truest potential.

Join me in the world of Hypnotherapy - a completely natural state of awareness (reached every day) in which we are fully open to positive suggestions.

A powerfully organic and transforming tool to help aid an individual by offering new, better serving suggestions for the subconscious mind to work from.

My personal understanding:

I reached a personal understanding several years ago, that most of our daily issues, detrimental habits and belief systems are the results of subconscious based, (non serving) repetitive & negative thought patterns.

Meaning that these unquestioned beliefs of the subconscious, are simply there as "quick-fix" resolutions to our perceived problems. When in actuality, a change of perspective and reevaluation is all that is required to get us back on the straight and narrow.

Clinically proven:

Hypnosis has been clinically proven time again to work successfully for individuals clearing negative thought patterns, beliefs and habits.

According to the National Hypnotherapy Society hypnosis deserves recognition as part of a psychological therapy (such as psychotherapy or counselling) and has gained much attention in the scientific community over the last decades.

Training, qualifications & experience

Qualification & Training:

I hold an accredited Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Counselling skills ~ Cert, Hyp CS and this certification is affiliated with the Royal College of Nursing.

To achieve my qualification in hypnotherapy I had to be a professional member of the National Hypnotherapy Society (The UK’s first hypnotherapy body to achieve Accredited Voluntary Register.)

I trained through Chrysalis course training providers for counselors and psychotherapists and have been practicing since late 2013 and offering individuals guidance counselling for several years to date.

I specialize in stress and anxieties hypnotherapy and also offer mindfulness and self-inquiry (a simple inversion questioning technique.)


The counselling services that I offer are based on an integrative, intuitive approach using my skill sets. This means that I treat each and every person solely as an individual and I respect that no two cases are the same.

Counselling services are offered for – but not limited to:
Repression, Cumulative traumas, Fears, Obsessive and compulsive behaviours, Sexual Dysfunction as well as working with Self-esteem and habits.

Inquire today using the contact options with no obligation to find out how I can best assist you.


"I definitely recommend James, he has recently really helped me with hypnotherapy and is very Intuitive too, so if you're thinking of trying it out I say go for it, you won't be disappointed!" - Deborah Amara

"Hypnotherapy was new to me I would never have tried it, but I was recommended to do so by my sister, I went in with an open mind, not sure what to expect nor even understand what could come of it but within 20 mins of leaving the session I had stopped smoking and carried on to do so, amazing results!" - John King

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.


DEC 1st 2017 - JAN 31st 2018

(Promo code offer 'NOSMOKE89' / 'NOWEIGHT139')
RRP - Smoking cessation - £149 / Weight Loss - £199

full contact information - www.jwtherapy.net

All Hypnosis sessions require a brief initial consultation.

Initial consultations are Free and can be made via telephone or email or alternatively face to face with myself on the day of booking.
This requires approximately 15-30 minutes of your time.

Prices are tailored to an individuals needs and requirements so please get in contact to discuss methods of payments and duration.

A session of hypnosis requires up to 60 minutes plus and starts at just £49.
Example habits / stress and anxieties.

Bespoke sessions (such as smoking cessation) require in excess of 1.5 hours and are offered as a package from £149

Further information

www.jwtherapy.net for further information.

Milton Keynes, MK14

Practical details

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Monday - Friday (various times of day)

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