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About me

My interest in mind-based therapies and practices began 24 years ago when I took up meditation in order to reduce my own stress. Since then I have supported many people, ranging from school children to other CEOs, to successfully manage life’s challenges and to achieve to their highest potential.

During my life I have combined the role of working mother with leader of organisations which supported people with some of the greatest challenges in life. I therefore understand both the pleasures and the stresses of combining a busy personal life with complex workplace responsibilities, and have been privileged to support many other people in their private and professional lives.

My practice focuses both on individuals and organisations, whether it is a small problem you just need a little ‘nudge’ to overcome, to a complex personal issue, to a leadership or organisational challenge that would benefit from a fresh approach. I have a particular interest in the role of leader, and the way that leadership is changing as we discover more about what makes people creative, innovative and collaborative in the workplace – and what stops them!

Client feedback
Many clients kindly write me a note or sometimes tell me in person how hypnotherapy has helped them. Here is some of their feedback.

I came to Jackie by recommendation with a healthy cynicism and at a low ebb believing I had no control over my anxieties. I left Jackie calmer, happier and having gained more understanding and control. I would happily recommend Jackie and only wish I had found her years ago!

"Jackie has been a great help to my life in just a few short weeks - she's a highly intuitive therapist, getting to the bottom of any issues, to help heal and mend them, in a relaxing environment".

"She has a wonderful calming influence when you feel like your world is erratic and out of control, and she really understands the brain, how it functions and the mind, body relationship. Would highly recommend her calming hypnotherapy services!" L, Peterborough

"Jackie is a wise and knowledgeable teacher who skilfully guides you through what you need to know." Robert, Management Consultant

"I wish I had discovered what Jackie has taught me about my brain 30 years ago. I suffered from anxiety and depression and could not get on with my life, and the GP could only offer pills. Jackie has helped me through a combination of hypnotherapy and learning mindfulness meditation to completely control my condition and regain my happiness." Evelyn, retired pa.

"My insomnia was under control after just four sessions." Linda, retiree

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a qualified, accredited and registered Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy. I am a teacher of meditation and mindfulness. I also draw on 30 years' experience of supporting people as a director and chief executive officer for UK national and international voluntary organisations. I have also recently trained in hypnobirthing and will be incorporating that into my practise in early 2017.

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

I have extensive experience with disability, including sensory disability and issues around birth defects and so can offer an additional depth of understanding in these areas.

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Hypnotherapy - a 90 minute session is £60.

Further information

What actually happens in a Gently be Hypnotherapy session?
Below is a blog I wrote to help provide some insight.

Most people walk out of a hypnotherapy session saying ‘I feel so much better ’, or ‘ that was lovely/great’ or sometimes just ‘wow’! After two or three sessions most are making significant progress towards their improvement goals.

The sad thing is, most people don’t ever walk into a hypnotherapy session because they are too fearful, suspicious, sceptical or shy.

Or they have managed to confuse hypnotherapy with stage hypnosis and think that they are going to be ‘snapped’ into a state where they have no control and may make a fool of themselves. The old ‘you’re not going to turn me into a chicken are you?’ scenario.

No I am not.

In this blog let’s see if I can help hypnotherapy to move a little further out of the ‘weird alternative practice’ wasteland and further into the new mainstream of healthy living. The new mainstream is about creating and maintaining health and not just fixing what doesn’t work. The new mainstream is also about recognising that we don’t have a mind and then a separate body, we have an integrated mind-body where thoughts and feelings really do have a recognisable and measurable effect on our health.

Hypnotherapy recognises this, and employs psychotherapy and gentle relaxing techniques which enable us to access that part of our minds that can help us change and improve both mentally and physically.

So, supposing you decide to give it a try. You might want to live with less anxiety or depression, manage your weight better, get rid of a fear or phobia or you may need help to develop new goals in work, sport or even relationships. Maybe you are planning a pregnancy or planning for childbirth or want to manage long term pain better – what happens next?

  • Make an enquiry – this is often the biggest step. You can pick up the phone, send a text or e-mail or message on Facebook – that gets you started. Contact me
  • Free consultation. After a brief conversation just to get the gist of the issue, or an exchange of messages via text/e-mail Facebook you’ll be offered a three 30 minute consultation in my comfortable private therapy room where you can both explore whether your issue might be suitable for treatment via hypnotherapy. If you are happy after the free consultation then you can book your first appointment – which can take place either there on the spot or at a later date
  • First appointment. The first time you see me for therapy I’ll spend a bit of time getting to know more about you, what the issues/issues are that you’d like help with and the kind of improvement you are looking for. I will then spend a bit of time explaining what’s going on in your brain as you are experiencing your issue, and how you can use new knowledge about your brain to find the solution that is right for you. I’ll also give you a free CD to listen to every day that will help you relax and see things in a different way. Finally I’ll explain to you in a bit more detail how I think hypnotherapy can help you.
  • First hypnotherapy session. If you are happy to go ahead with hypnotherapy to improve your life, your performance or how you feel about something then you will usually have the choice of going ahead there and then and having your first session, or booking an appointment for another time later in the week.
  • What’s been good ? I’ll start the session by asking you to have a think, not about your problem, but about what’s actually good in your life right now. If you have a big issue it’s sometimes a challenge to think of good things, but usually people are surprised how much they can identify that is good even if they are feeling down or anxious or dissatisfied with some aspect of their life. It’s important to take time out to think about good things, however small, because it helps activate the part of your brain that is good at thinking up solutions and strategies to resolve issues.
  • How do I score? During the session that follows, one of the things I’ll ask you to do is ‘score’ your current happiness level. That gives us a starting point from which to work. During the rest of the first part of the session we’ll look in more detail at your issue and what it would take to begin to feel better about it – what would increase your happiness score by a point or two to start the process of bringing about the improvement you want. Sometimes it’s easy to see how you can take steps in the right direction, sometimes we have to work a bit more intensively at it, but either way there is always something that will start to make things get better.
  • Steps forward. Once we have identified the first steps towards getting better we’ll make sure that you have a really clear picture of what would represent a way forward – not just a vague ‘wish’ but something really concrete and positive that will make you feel a greater sense of control.
  • Hypnotherapy. Once we have completed steps 1-7 it will be time for the hypnotherapy part of the session. This is deeply relaxing and most people really look forward to this part (although most enjoy the ‘talking’ part too!). I’ll invite you to lie down and relax on a comfortable couch and you’ll have the option of being covered by a soft blanket or not. There will be some relaxing music and I will literally ‘talk’ you into a state of deep relaxation. Most people experience a sense of being neither asleep nor awake, but pleasantly hovering between the two. You are sort of aware but not aware at the same time, drifting and dreaming.
  • Deep relaxation and open mind. Once you are deeply relaxed your brain becomes more available to positive suggestions and learning – it is literally more ‘open’. You can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do, and your brain will only adopt suggestions that are for your benefit. The good thing is that while you drift and dream like this we can suggest ideas to your brain which help to reinforce your confidence, your sense of control and self-worth and self-belief. The process can help you to utilise the power of your own brain to bring about the changes and improvements that you want.
  • Metaphor. Our brains love stories to help them process ideas or concepts. Often when we dream this is our brain processing the experiences and emotions of the day before and making sense of them. In hypnotherapy we also use stories which hold metaphors for the issues we are dealing with, so in most sessions I will include a short, metaphorical story, close to the end of the session.
  • End of session. The session will end when I just invite you, gently and slowly, to return to full consciousness and open your eyes. There is no counting or snapping of fingers, just a sense of gently ‘coming to’.
  • Afterwards. Once you are ‘awake’ again I’ll check you are OK and you can ask any questions you want to. We’ll sort out payment and arrange your next appointment as appropriate (the number of appointments necessary will depend on the issue/s that you have). Then you’ll be free to leave – with a bigger spring in your step than when you came in!
Peterborough, PE8

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