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Graham Parish

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Hypnotherapy Petersfield
20 King George Ave
GU32 3EU

+447810877158 / +447810877158

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Hypnotherapy Petersfield
20 King George Ave
GU32 3EU

+447810877158 / +447810877158

About me

Do you want to have more confidence?

Is Anxiety and Low Self Esteem holding you back from truly living your life to the full?

Do you feel Self Conscious in social situations?

Look no further! I can help you!

I specialise in helping people to be confident and make their stress and anxiety a thing of the past. Once you have dealt with your anxiety you can then experience the inner strength and peace of mind you need to live your life with confidence.

What is stopping you?

Maybe you've already tried lots of things?

Are you scared of spending more money and not getting the result?

Then lets chat first with no obligation to explore if we are a good fit and the way I work will support the change you are looking for.

Who am I?

I am Graham Parish, Founder of Hypnotherapy Petersfield and have over the years discovered that a blend of coaching, mentoring and hypnotherapy can bring about dramatic change. For some it is a one off session whilst others join me on a journey.

You will gain clarity of what you want your life to be like, and together we will discover how to make it work for you.

Once you have clarity of what you want it is like entering the destination into your own personal satellite navigation system. But you won’t be alone. I will be there to clear away any road blocks and support you as you create new behaviours that will support you on your journey to a fulfilled life.

Hypnotherapy Petersfield works with...

People like you that are ready and committed to creating the change they want in their life.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful way of altering patterns of behaviour that have become unsociable, irritating or are just bothersome and so influence your life in a bad way.

Usually these issues can be created by experiences in the past. These past experiences are stored in the subconscious mind as memories, sometimes feelings or fears, and its only when a specific event occurs that they resurface to the conscious mind. 

It is because these feelings, fears and memories can exist deep down in your subconscious that hypnotherapy is often the most effective way to deal with it, helping you to get back to a confident, relaxed and happy life.

And sometimes it is not to do with the past, it is to do with a lack of clarity about what you want from your future which is why I combine a blend of hypnotherapy, coaching and mentoring to guide you to develop the strategies you need to shake off the inappropriate beliefs that are holding you back.

What is the next step?

Call or text me on 07810 877158, or send an email to

You may have tried lots of things in the past, or perhaps you are just enquiring to see if I can help you.

Maybe you are scared of spending money and not getting the result you want.

So lets chat first with no obligation, to explore if we are a good fit, and the way I work will support the change you are looking for.

I'm Based in Petersfield

I run my own fully insured hypnotherapy business in Petersfield, Hampshire.

With my office in a peaceful location, and with plentiful parking, it is also close to the main London-to-Portsmouth A3. With a bus stop at the end of the road and Petersfield train station an easy walk, I am ideally placed to serve Petersfield and all the surrounding areas as well.

About Graham

My passion is to help my clients to change their unwanted behaviours, and get the peace of mind they need to be able to live the life they really want.

I realise that every client is individual and different, and therefore each clients treatment is tailored specifically to them, I operate a totally client centred approach. You will find me non - judgemental and ready to listen with empathy and compassion. All work that we do is strictly confidential.

I enjoy helping people to achieve their very best and get where they really want to be. I believe that we already have all the inner resources we need to create a joyful, fulfilling life, and that we already know all the answers to our questions. We just need help and guidance uncovering them so we can release the untapped potential inside us.

Keeping up to date

I’m also committed to my own continuous personal development too, which gives my services a keen edge. I frequently attend seminars and training events so I’m bang up to date with the latest Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching methods, and most recently to become one of the first NLP Master Coach Practitioners in the UK.

My story

All my life I have worked in the customer service industry, during which time I experienced the stresses, strains and anxiety of a busy working life, I had always felt there was something missing, something better round the corner, and when I discovered hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP, I realised that I had gained access to a powerful set of tools to help people make lasting changes to their lives.

All my life I’ve had a knack for talking to people and bringing out the best in them. People invariably told me that I’d been very helpful, that they’d appreciated my support and had been inspired to act. For most of my adult life, one way or another, I’ve found myself helping people move forward positively by boosting their confidence.

These days, practising professionally, I really enjoy seeing my clients discover new verve, self esteem, confidence and vitality.

I then realised that I had found my true vocation in life.

In a nutshell

By combining hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP, I can help you to achieve permanent results and create a happier positive future. Allowing you to feel good about yourself again, perhaps gaining peace of mind and confidence for the very first time.

So be brave and take that first step, pick up the phone now, call 07810 877158 or if you prefer send me a text or an email, let's have a no obligation chat, to see if we can work together to make your anxiety a thing of the past.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council as a Senior Qualified Hypnosis Practitioner and also more importantly, the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the only government endorsed UK regulator for complementary healthcare.


Senior Qualified Hypnosis Practitioner
Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner.
NLP Master Practitioner.
NLP Master Coach Practitioner.
Transformative Coaching Practitoner.
Hypnotherapy Trainer and speaker
CNHC Member
NCH Member
Hypnotension Certified Practitioner. (High blood pressure) See below for more info.
Hypnoslimmer Certified Consultant. (Weight loss) See below for more info.
Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner. (Hypno Gastric Band Therapy)
Hypno Chemo Practitioner (Hypnotherapy for Cancer Care)

My training is constantly being updated and I like to keep up to date with the latest ideas and methods.

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Anxiety Relief Programme

Having experienced anxiety first hand I know only too well what a devastating effect anxiety has on ones life. I now specialise in helping people to achieve peace of mind. With freedom from unnecessary anxiety you can live your life to the full and be the best possible you. When you are free from worry anything becomes possible! Call me on 07810 877158 to find out if I can help you...I have a dedicated website - please take a look around,

Tinnitus Relief Programme

I specialise in helping people with tinnitus to habituate to the condition. Using a combination of advanced hypnosis and mind coaching my programme runs over six weeks and the aim is to help you to be able to live in peace once again.

High Blood Pressure

Hypnotherapy Petersfield is a certified Hypnotension Practitioner, this exciting new hypnotherapy programme works with hypertensive clients to resolve common emotional and lifestyle issues related to primary or essential hypertension.

At Hypnotherapy Petersfield in Hampshire we are able to devote all the time it takes to identify your unique emotional and lifestyle factors that contribute to high blood pressure, we then work with you to help you lower your blood pressure, often back down to normal levels.

The unique Hypnotension programme uses cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching to achieve permanent emotional and lifestyle changes and ensure lower blood pressure.

If you are already on medication prescribed by your medical practitioner for hypertension, then we recommend that you keep on taking it, because we work in conjunction with your GP. As your blood pressure lowers your GP may be able to lower your medication in due course.

The good news is primary hypertension can be successfully treated, as certified Hypnotension Practitioners we know that we can help you to reduce that high blood pressure for good.

Hypnoslimmer weight loss

Hypnoslimmer are world leaders in hypnotic weight control, hypnotherapy for weight loss, and the virtual hypno gastric band.

As a Hypnoslimmer consultant I use a combination of modern clinical hypnosis, NLP,  and mind technology to safely and effectively re – program your subconscious mind allowing you to lose weight in a safe and natural way.

The Hypnotic Gastric Band treatment results in your body believing that you have had the band fitted and you will feel full sooner. Superior to even the surgical gastric band surgery, HypnoSlimmer also addresses your lifestyle, eating habits and the root cause of your overeating, raising the probability of long term success and a healthy body AND self-esteem. Please take a look at my Hypnoslimmer site here

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I offer all my clients a free 20 minute no obligation consultation so that you can meet me and find out more about how I work.

A hypnotherapy session costs £80.00 and lasts about an hour.

Stop smoking is carried out in just one session, is about 90 minutes in duration and costs £200.

Hypnoslimmer Weight Loss is run over 4 weekly sessions and costs £350, the Hypno gastric band session is an extra session and costs £150. A weight loss manual and CD is included in the price. More details at

Sessions last between 45 minutes and 90 minutes, and are tailored personally to you.

Sessions are available from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday, there are also sessions available on Saturdays 10.00 am to 12.00 am.

Petersfield, GU32 3EU

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Appointments available from 9.30 - 19.00 Monday to Friday and Saturday 10.00 - 13.00

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