Fiona Lamb BA (hons) Dip.PHH. GHC. CNHC

Fiona Lamb BA (hons) Dip.PHH. GHC. CNHC



0208 144 6752 / 07732 092276

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0208 144 6752 / 07732 092276

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Fiona, 32, is a certified, experienced Hypnotherapist in Harley Street and Chelsea. Trained by world renowned Paul McKenna and recommended by Tatler, Fiona uses the very latest techniques, specialising in Anxiety, Addictions and Emotional Eating.

Fiona is an accredited and registered member of the General Hypnotherapy Council which is the leading professional body in the country. Fiona also has membership to the government run Professional Standards Council and adheres to all their codes of conduct and level of development and training.

My sessions with Fiona were a revelation. Not only is she utterly professional, but her approach is thoughtful, gentle and kind. I felt comfortable to root around in my memories surprisingly quickly, and her questioning really did help me to see more clearly. I left after three sessions of hypnotherapy feeling happier and more confident - and without the problem I had come in with. - Health & Beauty Editor - TATLER

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Diploma Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis
  • NLP Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Stop Smoking Cessation

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* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

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One session (50 mins) - £120

Three Session Package - £330

Stop Smoking Course
(6 month programme and support) - £495

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I have been a non smoker now for 3 months and it has been the easiest thing I have ever done. The results speak for themselves. I struggled with stopping for years and I finally admitted I couldn't do it on my own. Letting go of this awful habit has given me a whole new lease of life and my children are so proud of me. I wish I had done this years ago. I was sceptical at first but Fiona proved me wrong. It is also nice to know (even though I do not need it) that if I need that extra support Fiona will be there.

Liam A

Wow. Fiona's techniques are quick and new and have changed my life. I have had hypnotherapy previously but this is another level. Fiona has a lovely way about her, she is so warm and natural and very knowledgeable. She also brings a sense of fun and lightness into the session which is very refreshing. Before I came to see Fiona I had no confidence in myself, I lacked motivation and had a fog around me which was stopping me moving forward. I guess my past was holding me back. After just one session this has all changed and I can only describe it as a SHIFT - a shift has occurred and something has clicked and I am back to me again. I will be sending every one I know to Fiona and highly recommend. I started with calling for a consultation and just had a gut feeling it was for me and I was right.

Alise J

I had developed a really bad fear/anxiety for travelling - at its worst I couldn't even commute to work and would lock myself away from any social events. Through the 3 sessions with Fiona, I was able to switch my bad and disruptive thoughts into better ones. Together we were able to look at various causes, which is something I would have never been able to do by myself. It has made me realise how strong we all actually are but time to time we need a little push by someone like Fiona! She is absolutely lovely, made me feel warm and relaxed, and it was easy to talk to her. I just had my first flight since the anxiety kicked me, and it was lovely. I was able to put my mind into a more positive way of thinking and enjoy the journey! It's incredible to remember thinking that I will never be able to travel again - and here I am! Thank you Fiona

Roxanne R

It sounds like an overstatement to say Fiona changed my life but its not. I went to Fiona with some issue that were starting to get me down, not only did we tackle those issues I feel so confident and in control of my feelings. And that is a wonderful feeling! It has changed so many aspects of my life because the hypnotherapy can be related to so many things. My mind is stronger and positive. I feel fantastic. I highly recommend Fiona Lamb. - Roxanne


I hated how my lack of confidence always held me back. Ever since I could remember, I was always wistfully sitting in the background: 'forever the bridesmaid, never the groom'. Whether it was work or my personal life, I felt unfulfilled from never being able to approach people or situations the way I wanted to. Fiona Lamb Hypnotherapy changed everything. I was sceptical at first, but I was totally proved wrong. After just one session, I have found my career moving from strength to strength. My relationships with family and friends are more secure than they've ever been and my outlook on life has changed considerably. I deserved more and now I couldn't be happier. People have commented on how much happier I seem these days. I owe Fiona Lamb so much and would recommend her consultations to anybody.


At 57 I am well into the menopause and have recently taken early retirement. My weight was creeping up and I was binge eating. I'd always had issues with my weight but now it seemed out of control, with no ability to stop overeating. With Fiona's expert help and guidance, in a calm relaxing atmosphere I've now changed some of my bad habits around food and regained some rational thinking around when and why I overeat. The weight is coming off and I feel much more in control of my relationship with food. Thank you.

Nick M

Prior to therapy with Fiona I was in a really dreadful place - I was having prolonged panic attacks most nights. I used to wake up from awful dreams and feel an overriding sense of foreboding. During these episodes I found it impossible to relax and I was exceedingly anxious. I used to feel the need to leave the house and walk around aimlessly until the fears subsided. I was surviving on only a few hours of sleep per night. During therapy Fiona discussed underlying issues and possible causes with me. Under hypnosis I regressed to the time of the root cause of the anxiety. Fiona then guided me through replacing my negative thoughts with positive thoughts. As a result of the treatment my usual sleep pattern has returned, I no longer have panic attacks and I now feel calm and in control of my life. Fiona is positive, professional and her treatment really works. I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough. Thank you so much Fiona for giving me my life back.

Lisbeth G

Fiona is a lovely, kind and soft spoken therapist who focused on MY needs in a non-judgemental way. Together, we changed undesirable behavioural and thought patterns (about my mother) to positive ones. I had a few underlying issues that we slowly unraveled over 7 sessions. Fiona guided the 'present' version of me back through a few formative memories in my past and helped the 'little me' overcome helplessness in specific situations by having the 'grown up' version of me, be the protective guide. It worked. As a result, I now have let go of my negative thoughts and am carrying on without anxiety, upset (or unnecessary snacking) as a result. An unexpected bonus! Through my sessions with Fiona I have also become more focused, patient and involved with my own children- a welcome outcome of our time spent together. The atmosphere is relaxing, calming and highly focused on switching from negative/detrimental thoughts and habits to POSITIVE ones. It is a kind of 'action' taking therapy if you will; the kind where results happen quickly through the power of positive suggestion. It is extremely relaxing, enjoyable and safe. I highly recommend Fiona's approach for ANY kind of personal issues you may be facing. It works extremely well on its own and also in addition to/as a compliment to other forms of therapy. Thank you again Fiona for bringing out the BEST version of me. :-)


?I've always wanted to act since I was young, but struggled with nerves and to be fully confident at auditions. I would feel comfortable and relaxed infront of the camera but auditions were overwhelming and my nerves let me down. Feeling nervous, blanking out and no confidence at auditions had held me back in my profession. ? During sessions with Fiona she made me feel calm and relaxed and this helped me open up and discuss underlying issues. We further discussed my achievements and goals no matter how small. This helped me realise that getting nervous served me no purpose and I no longer presume the worst will happen and its changed my whole perspective.

Hollie S

I've always had a love/ hate relationship with food - I love my food and have a big appetite and a love/addiction of sugar and carbs, but hated how guilty and bad I felt after I indulged. I also noticed my weight creep up gradually which was not great when I work as a professional model, so I wanted to address the issue. I was in a state of "all or nothing" whereby I would either be so strict with myself eating so healthy one day, or have big binges eating everything and anything on another day. I was going around in circles. ? Fiona helped me by firstly discussing my feelings and aims then putting me in a calm state and talking through my issues. While in my relaxed state, Fiona helped me realise that I do not need food to make me happy, and that one bad food choice is not going to make me fat and that I need to learn to love my body, be more consistent rather than all or nothing, and see the positives rather than focus on the negatives and not feel guilty. Since having the three sessions I have seen my weight drop and I have gone down a dress size, I find myself more motivated to be active and go to the gym and make healthier food choices, but when I do have naughty food I don't worry or stress or beat myself up.

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