Sleep loss worse for extroverts, say experts

In a study involving 48 volunteers aged between 18 and 39, researchers found that sleep loss was worse for those considered ‘extroverts’.

Sleep loss worse for extroverts, say experts

The study itself involved splitting the volunteers into two groups following a personality screening which defined whether they were naturally introverts or extroverts.

The volunteers were then kept awake for 36 hours, in which some of the test subjects from both groups were allowed to take part in group discussions and play board games and puzzles for 12 hours of the 36. The other group were not allowed any social interaction.

Various tests were then undertaken to measure the effects of lack of sleep and it was found that introverts fared better in the ”maintenance wakefulness test”, which checks whether sleep-deprived people are able to stay awake over a set period of time.

In addition to this, the extroverts who were allowed ‘social contact’ in the first few hours of the experiment did badly in the test, but the extroverts in the group denied social contact performed much better.

The researchers, from the Walter Reed Army Institute in Maryland, believe the results suggest that personality type may have a bearing on an individuals ability to cope with military tasks which require being awake for prolonged periods of time and may also effect those who do shift work.

If you are having difficulty sleeping to the point where it is beginning to effect your ability to carry out everyday tasks then it is important that you seek help from your healthcare provider who will be able offer advice on the next steps. In addition to this, many individuals who have been plagued with sleep difficulties for years and have not experienced relief from traditional medicine opt for an alternative therapy such as hypnosis.

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